Top 3 multi purpose smart power strip in India

Multi-outlet power strips are the most necessary product in everyone’s home since the number of electronic devices has increased and kept up all of them plugged in can be only accomplished by using power strips. But what we are explicitly talking here is about is multiple functional, multi-purpose & smart power strips.

After doing up some research, here we discovered the best three multi-purpose & smart power strips available in India.

What are Multi-purpose smart power strips?

Well, These smart power strips provide more features compared to traditional power strips available in the market.
Such as it provides, direct USB ports on power strip along with usual India standard power outlets. It also offers remote control via mobile App, voice control for turning the power on & off individual power outlets, schedule timing for different power outlets to on & off.
Smart power turns off when the connected device does not require electricity. Which ultimately assists you in getting magic like control over electronic devices in the home.

Why choose Smart Power strip?

Reason 1Dedicated USB ports for the extra convenience of plugging in mobile phones. It looks quite neat & clean rather than plugging in bulky chargers. It also makes other power outlets on strip free to use for connecting in other devices.

Reason 2 – These high-quality smart power strips provide surge protection against sudden voltage fluctuations & keeps the devices safe from getting damaged due to unwanted power voltage surge.

Reason 3Smart remote control. Built-in WiFi enables these smart power strips to be controlled remotely using the mobile phone app. You can turn on or off the power strip or even individual outlet ports on it, which provides granular control over powering on & off your particular electronic devices that too via remotely.
You can even schedule power ON & off for individual ports, which is very handy to perform the various pre-scheduled task automatically as per configured timings and provides complete automation.

Reason 4Voice control using smart assistance like Google home, Google Assistance, Amazon Alexa. It even enables you to get control over a power strip from anywhere in the world. This is just awesome for turning a home into a smart home.”
Imagine if you forget to turn off your desk lamp/lights & using smart assistance you can turn off while sitting in the office. Now you have to run your mind what amazing tasks like this you can perform remotely like turning the lights on/off.

Smart power strips are not widely available in India & mostly available on online shopping sites. Here are the top 3 power strips we found after doing up some research.


Smarteefi Smart Power Strip

Smarteefi Smart Power Strip is an Indian company based in Gaziabad, specifically making up smart power devices with a tagline “Kahi se bhi Kabhi bhi”


Well, the reason I have kept this on number 3 is, only this power strip in this list does not have direct USB ports. Apart from it this is the most rated & reviewed smart power strip on Amazon.
This power strip is wholly made in India, and the ecosystem of it is also made as per Indian consumers. Refer below the official video by Smarteefi for reference.
You can also visit their
official site here. or download the user manual guide for in-depth details and how to use it.

Below are the features mentioned by Smarteefi on the product page.

  • This is a WiFi-enabled Smart Power Strip that provides you with three smart plugs capability combined into one. In contrast, EACH SOCKET CAN BE CONTROLLED AND PROGRAMMED/SCHEDULED INDEPENDENTLY anytime from anywhere using Smarteefi App (Android/iOS).
  • It Works with AMAZON ALEXA and GOOGLE ASSISTANT. Alexa and Google Assistant also recognize and control each socket independently. It also provides a MANUAL CONTROL switch to allows you to manage your appliance manually. Smarter App will enable you to lock/unlock manual control
  • Weekly and Daily Scheduling Facility enables you to save energy bills by automating ON/OFF conditions at a specified time. IT CAN RUN SCHEDULES EVEN IF INTERNET BREAKS DOWN OR POWER-CUT/ POWER-RESUME HAPPENS. Its scheduling facility is designed for Indian scenarios. Once schedules are stored in its memory, it is no more dependent on the Internet to execute the schedules
  • Apart from scheduling the facility, it also provides a COUNTDOWN timer. Instead of selected scheduled time to suppose you want to charge your mobile phone anytime with a specified time duration (say 1 hour), you may connect your charger to one of the sockets out of three sockets available and start the count down timer for 1 hour. It can avoid overcharging and increase the battery life of your phone/laptop etc.
  • Each socket can RESTORE the last state in Power-Cut/Power-Resume scenarios. It provides a NOTIFICATION Facility (when you are away, you can get a notification if someone is switching ON/OFF your appliances at your home). MULTIPLE PHONE CONTROL allows all family members to control appliances from their respective mobile phone using the same login credentials.
    Operating Voltage:
     110-240V AC

    Load Power Per Socket: 1200W
    Load Power Total: 1500W
    Operating Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Surge Protection: Yes
    Overcurrent Protection: Yes
    Manual Override: Yes
    No. of Controls: 3
    WiFi Frequency: 2.4GHz b/g/n
    Real-Time Clock: Yes
How Smarteefi remote control cloud works
How Smarteefi remote control cloud works


Phlipton Smart power strip

Phlipton Smart power strip is another Indian smart home & automation company based in Ahmadabad.

Phlipton Smart Power Strip
Phlipton Smart Power Strip

Reason for keeping this on number two is unlike Smarteefi; this power strip has two direct USB ports for charging up mobile phones with 10Watt power output. Which is very handy as mentioned in the starting and also keeps remaining three outlets to be free for other use.

It also provides remote control, Voice control via smart assistants like Google Home, Google Assistance, Amazon Alexa

Below are the specifications mentioned by Smarteefi on the product page & on the official website.

  • Voice control: compatible with Amazon Alexa / Google assistant / ifttt, supported for voice control. You can instantly turn on or off each socket and USB ports through echo or google home.
  • Remote control: use the master control mode or control three smart sockets and 2 USB ports with your smartphone.
  • Resume the last state: power strip resumes the previous state after a power outage.
  • Excellent quality: the smart power strip is made of pc flame resistance material and has been approved for safety and quality assurance.
  • Easy Setup and User-friendly: Just download the App and follow the installation steps to start. The App design is simple and user-friendly, and the WiFi connection is very stable.
    Power supply
    – 90-250V AC

    Wireless type – WiFi 2.4GHz
    Maximum load current – 10A
    Resume the Last State after the power outage
    USB Port – USB Total power – 5V 2.1A = 10Watts
    Material – RF-ABS
Phlipton Smart Power Strip Features 1
Phlipton Smart Power Strip Features 1
Phlipton Smart Power Strip Features
Phlipton Smart Power Strip Features


XERGY Smart Power Strip

XERGY Smart Power Strip
XERGY Smart Power Strip

Here’s the number one power strip I personally like, because of the design, looks & overall features it provides, Making it a perfect appliance for your smart home.
Reasons it comes in top of the list is, along with two dedicated USB port for mobile charging, it has four power outlets unlike three as mentioned above Philpton strip.
Also is has very cool looking multi-colour LED light on the main power button. Here’s the guide on the product page for setup instructions.

The good thing is they provide you support for setting up the power strip via the following email or call.  Email: [email protected] Call @ +91-9810032717

Below are the features mentioned by XERGY on the product page & official Xergy Facebook page.

  • XERGY Smart Power Strip, WiFi Surge Protector, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant & IFTTT, Remote Control Individually, With 4 Smart AC Outlets and 2 USB Ports, 5ft Extension Cord
  • Work with Alexa Echo: Work with Amazon Alexa Echo to control each of the outlets individually Via voice control after connecting the Smart Life app successfully. Turn on/off your devices based on the specific time you set for energy saving with the wifi intelligent power strip
  • 4 AC Outlets + 2 USB Charging Ports: Equipped with four outlets and 2 USB charging port for travel, home, or office, provide a convenient power supply for notebooks and other Tabs Socket. And you can remote control your indoor lights, space heaters, fans, and other appliances at the same time. ( NOTE: the 4 Outlet can be controlled individual;2 USB ports are controlled as one unit)
  • Free App Control: Connect to your WiFi network and Download the Free Smart Life APP ( IOS8 or above/Android 4.1 or above) on your smart device and pair with Amazon Alexa using on Apple store/Android Market/ GooglePlay. Support 2.4GHz WiFi network, not support 5.0GHz
  • TROUBLESHOOTING/ WARRANTY: How to Connect The Power Strip To Smart Life/WiFi Or Alexa/Google Won’t Identify Each outlet – Please refer to the description below If the problem persists Else Reach us out on +91-9810032717 or [email protected], 1 YEAR WARRANTY
Xergy power strip feature 3
Xergy power strip feature 3
Xergy power strip feature
Xergy power strip feature
Xergy power strip feature 2
Xergy power strip feature 2
    Power Supply – AX110V-240V 50/60Hz
    AC Power Output – 10A
    Power overload protection
    USB Total power – 5V 2.1A = 10Watts
    4 AC Outlets and 2 USB super charging ports
    Radio Frequency – 2.4GHz
    Compatible – IOS/Android
    Works with – Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance
    Dimensions – 13.19×2.56×1.57 inch

So, These were the Top 3 smart power strips available in India. What do you think about the same & which one you are going to purchase?
Let me know in the comments down below. Also, don’t forget to visit our home page for more exciting products & deals reviews.

Smart Power Strip

Multi-outlet power strip is necessary product in home, However Smart power strip is the way to go in future. Here's the top 3 smart power stip in India

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Smart Power Strip

Multi-outlet power strip is necessary product in home, However Smart power strip is the way to go in future. Here's the top 3 smart power stip in India

Product Currency: INR

Product In-Stock: InStock

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