MI Power Bank 2i 10000mAH & 20000mAH, Best value for money! 2021

The most popular brand in the power bank is Xiaomi or MI power banks.
There are two offerings by MI in India.
1) MI 10000mAH Power Bank 2i
2) MI 20000mAH Power Bank 2i
But are they the best feature-packed and value for money option in 2020? Let’s find your below.

Since media consumption on mobiles, tablets & laptops has dramatically increased a lot & built-in battery isn’t enough for most of us to get through a day with a single charge. Using a power bank is one of the handiest option available in the market.

Why MI Power Bank?

MI is well known for its feature-packed and most worth the value products, and these power banks are no exception. Even though multiple brands are offering similar capacity power banks in this price range, but none of them is providing the same level of features & quality as MI offers.

Reason 1 – MI is using newer Li-Polymer technology rather than old conventional Li-Ion batteries, which significantly reduces weight and makes it slimmer, which makes it perfect while travelling. These Li-Polymer batteries are of high density & much safer. Also, this does improve charging conversion rate/ration compared to Li-Ion batteries.

Reason 2 – MI power 20000mAH bank has type C ports for input. It is also the future proof feature provided by MI so that you can have all the advantages of C ports. However, Mi 10000mAH power bank still has a micro USB port for input.

Reason 3 – MI power bank provides multiple output ports that offer more versatility for charging more than one device at a time.


Reason 4 – MI power bank supports fast input & output charging, so that power bank itself can charge up much faster and also provides fast charging for output ports for your devices. Mi 10000mAH power bank takes approx 3+hours for a full charge, whereas MI 20000mAH power bank takes 6.5 hours to charge.
Note that Mi power banks have one more great feature, and that is low power charging. Yes, you read it right, it provides an option to charge devices like fitness bands (MI band) and wireless earphones (MI Bluetooth headset) with required low voltage for safer side. You have to press the power button on the power bank twice to start low power charging.


Reason 5Passthrough Charging. While Mi power bank charging itself, it can also charge output devices at the same time without affecting charging speeds, that’s just much convenient in urgent case scenarios.

Reason 6 – MI power bank provides the best in industry circuit protection. It has 9 Layers of Protection with an advanced level of chipset protection that ensures protection against short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-charge & discharge, etc. Refer below the official image for details on all nine protection mechanisms.


Reason 7 – They also provide best looking, slim, premium, and comfortable design by using superior Aluminium Alloy with CNC Edge technology to give a perfect textured finish. It also uses PC + ABS material for comfortable handling.

Differences between MI 10000mAH Power Bank & 20000mAH Power Bank?

SpecificationsMi Power Bank
Mi Power Bank
Dimensions & Thickness14.6mm x 7.4mm x 1.5 cm15.1mm x 7.2mm x 2.6 cm
Required Charging Time3.5Hours6.5Hours
Passthrough ChargingYesYes
Multi-Layer Chipset ProtectionYesYes
Number of output ports2 USB A Ports2 USB A Ports
Fast ChargingYes, 18 Watts input & output bothYes, 18 Watts input & output both
ColorsBlack, Red, BlueBlack, Red, Blue

Wrapping up with which MI power bank to choose?

Choosing any of this as per your budget and requirements will not let you down and surely be worth your money. Also, there are three color options available (Black, Blue & Red), and you can choose as per your choice.
If carrying a bit bigger power bank doesn’t bother you, than my personal suggestion would be, go for the MI 20000mAH power bank for peace of mind, especially for long travel distance or for charging up your multiple devices.

What do you think of this power bank? Is there anything more to mention? Let me know in the comments down below.

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MI Power Bank 2i 10000mAH & 20000mAH, Best value for money! 2021
MI Power Bank 2i 10000mAH & 20000mAH, Best value for money! 2021 2

The most popular brand in the power bank is Xiaomi or MI power banks.There are two offerings by MI in India.1) MI 10000mAH Power Bank 2i2) MI 20000mAH Power Bank 2iBut are they the best feature-packed and value for money option in 2020? Let's find your below.

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