Best Treadmills in India | 2021

Looking for the best treadmills to use at your home or in the gym? you are at the right place, where we give you the list of best treadmills in India with the various feature set and at every budget.

There are various things to consider while buying a treadmill. The location where you are going to place (home/gym), is enough space/area available to set up and use the treadmill, features, folding, build quality, motor HP, Informational display, top speed, warranty, and much more.
Do check out the buying guide at the end of the list of Best Treadmills in India.

Lets start with…

Best Treadmills in India

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Points/buying guide for the Treadmill

  1. Space for accommodation: First, decide where to keep the treadmill. If you have a gym, then there will be enough place. If you are purchasing for home use, check the available space/area and the treadmill dimensions you are going to buy. You can avoid any space-related issue while installation & using.
  2. Motor Power & Warranty: The motor power ranges between 1.5HP to a max of 4HP. If you are an athlete who can sustain high speeds for a long duration, then you must go for a powerful motor. For regular home users, a 1.5-2HP motor should be enough.
    You should also check the warranty on the motor as this is the crucial part of the treadmill. Warranty ranges from 1-Year to 3-5Years.
  3. Features: & Modes Every Treadmill offers a different type of feature set and running exercise modes. The features include music playback, the various informational display, heart rate monitoring & even a smart voice assistant feature. You can check the list of features according to your requirements.
    If you want to move your treadmill, check if the treadmill has folding functionality for easy maneuver.
  4. Top Speed: Each treadmill varies in terms of top speed it can offer. Some of them might be slower according to your need. So, do check out the top speed of the treadmill as per your requirement.
  5. Maintainance & Warranty: Maintainance is the main key part of using a treadmill over a long duration of time. Some of the treadmills listed above offer automatic lubrication or an easy lubrication process, which can be easily done.
    Also, check for the warranty of the treadmill and frame as these vary from model/brand.

This was the list of Best Treadmills in India. Which one of the Best Treadmills in India you are going to purchase? do let us know in comments.

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