Best Tool Kit in India | All in One | 2020

Looking for the best tool kit for home or professional use? Or need power tools for everyday tasks/repairs?
Here is the review of the best tool kit in India.

The tool kit set is one of the essential goods you need at home.
No matter whether you want tools for maintenance, repairs, creating a new DIY project, or for professional use. The tool kit set helps to get your task to achieve faster, easy, saves valuable time and money.

So which are the best tool kit in India available?
I personally use all types of tools, starting from a drill machine to an adjustable wrench to the basic screwdriver. After experiencing all the tools, I am giving you the review, guide, and things to consider before buying a tool kit.

Use case scenarios & whom should purchase? Click to expand & Read

Use case scenarios at home>

Majorly for household tasks and repairs, the power tools are used. Such as mounting any device or machines to the wall, fixing your new/broken furniture, repairing electronic appliances, fixing water tanks, pipes, leakage or replacing water taps, mounting tube lights, fans, wooden frames, Interior designing, home renovation work and much more.

You can even use for car or bike repair in case of urgency.

Some peoples take the help of a professional to get these tasks done, but so many people prefer to do it by themselves, rather than calling and paying them. Also, some peoples keep this tool for safety & emergency purpose so that if any urgent work/maintenance has to be done, they can quickly pull out the required tools and perform the task/maintenance.

So if you are one of them, you should definitely get a tool kit for your home.

Professional use case scenarios> The peoples who are electricians, plumbers, carpenters, builders, home appliance technicians, manufacturers, vehicle repair garages & so on. In these professions, no need to explain the peoples which tools to be used for which purpose.

For both use case scenarios, all tools starting from a drill machine to a basic screwdriver is important, that’s why getting the best tool kit is the way to go.

What to look for before buying a tool kit?

All in one Tool kit

Every single tool starting from a heavy drill machine to the simple screwdriver, all tools are essential and perform various tasks.
Also, a single tool cannot perform all the tasks, and you will definitely require another tool to get the task/maintenance/installation accomplish. So, it is always better to have all tools handy for any requirement or emergency.
Getting an entire tool kit saves your money, time, and helps to complete the work efficiently rather than buying separate tools every time, which will certainly cost you more.

Quality & Durability

Quality is the most important point to consider before buying a tool kit, as a low-quality tool won’t perform well and doesn’t last in the long run.
Choosing the tools made with premium quality materials will perform well even under heavy load/usage, so you don’t have to worry while using the tools.

Below, a listing of the best tool kit in India is chosen with quality and durability in mind.

Carry case and portability

Getting an all in one tool kit also comes with the storage/carry case along with it, so storing, managing all the tools is effortless.
Portability is another advantage of having a storage/carry case so that you can take all the tools with you easily.

Let’s start with the list of the best tool kits in India…

Note: All best tool kit in India listed below are selected by keeping all the above essential points such as all in one tool, quality, durability & portability. Hence choosing any of this won’t disappoint you, and it can be as per your personal preference.

Which are the best tool kit in India?

Foster FK-5513 Pro 650W Impact Driver Drill Machine Kit (160 Tools/Accessories)

Foster FK-5513 Pro 650W Tool Kit | Best tool kit in India

Foster is an Indian brand, which is getting popular for its very high quality, feature-packed, and affordable products. This offering from foster is no doubt the best tool kit in India you can get. Foster FK-5513 Pro drill, TCT blades & other accessories are made with the finest-quality steel & materials; overall, it is an ideal choice for all types of maintenance work for your home or any professional work.

Foster Drill Features

This features a powerful 650 Watt 13mm 2800rpm drill, which can be used for all types of work. It comes with unique features, such as the pilot drilling and the continuous drill mode. It consists of one drill machine with handle, five drill bits, one masonry drill bit, six sockets.
It has a switch to toggle between standard, hammer drill functions, and speed drills. This drill machine has a swivel handle with a deep gauge that offers a firm grip.
This foster drill machine also has given you two-directional motor, and you can easily switch between reverse and forward rotation. According to your type of work/requirement, such as drilling, inserting, and removing screws, bolts, nails.

Other tools provided with the tool kit box are all-size one wire cutter cum stripper, one long nose plier, one woodworking pencil, one line tester,  one slotted screwdriver, Adjustable Wrench, Combination Plier, Phillips Screwdriver, Hack Saw, Cutting and Grinding Wheels, TCT Blades, Line Tester, and Digital Line Tester, Water Pump Plier, Various sizes of Plugs and screws, etc.

The unique feature of this foster drill machine has is Cutting wheels, Grinding Wheels, and TCT blades.
The cutting and grinding wheels help you with various grinding and abrasive operations, whereas TCT blades can be used to cut through metal surfaces such as cutting tubes, steel pipes, sections, rails, nickel, much more. It is specially designed/useful for industrial applications but is very useful at home as well.

Another unique feature is the Digital Line Tester to test a live, phase, or voltage, even the breakpoint of an insulator. It is a handy tool for electricians.

This Foster Impact drill machine kit comes with a compact case for storing all its tools, which is convenient to carry.
Foster also gives you the standard six months of warranty.

With all such amazing quality, functions, feature-packed offering from foster, it is the best tool kit in India available for all-purpose.

Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Kit Power & Hand Tool Kit  (100 Tools/Accessories)

Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Kit Power & Hand Tool Kit | 2nd Best Tool Kit in India

Bosch is a well-known German brand for its quality products. This all in one bosch tool kit is no expectation. All tools & their accessories are made with high-quality and durable materials. With this tool kit, you will get 15 different tools and their required accessories with a total number of 100. That makes it perfect for any kind of home or professional work. This tool kit is easy to use for beginners & professionals.

Bosch two in one drill

Bosch 500 W 10RE is as per the name has 500 Watt 13mm, 2600rpm powerful motor for the 2 in 1 drill, which provides sufficient power to perform drilling work. The lightweight, comfortable, and compact design make it perfect for working in all scenarios.
The two in one fact about this drill is the powerful motor that works in clockwise & anticlockwise both direction with its Rotating Brush Plate which is very useful while drilling such as inserting and removes screws, bolts, nails or even if drill bits get stuck into a wall it is easy to remove.
There’s a dedicated button to change motor direction easily.

The drill has accessories like Metal Drill Bits, Wood Drill Bits, Masonry Drill Bits, Key Chuck for changing the drill bits, etc.
Other power tools like an adjustable wrench, claw Hammer, spirit level, combination plier, measuring tape, Various sizes of Plugs and screws which are basic but handy tools for all types of work.

All the tools come in carrying box, which helps for portability and managing all tools in one place.

With a variety of tools, powerful two in one drill, quality and durable materials, lightweight design it has made to the 2nd on the list of Best tool kit in India.
Bosch given you standard 6 months of warranty.

There are two more variants of the Bosch GSB drill & tool kit with more powerful drill motor & extra accessories.

Check Bosch GSB 550Watt – Mechanic Power & Hand Tool Kit  ( With 120 Tools) on Amazon  |  Flipkart

Check Bosch GSB 600Watt RE Drill Power & Hand Tool Kit (with 120 Tools) on Amazon  Flipkart

Izom ATC – 1001 500W Drill Machine Kit (Blue, Matte Finish, 110-Pieces)

Izom ATC – 1001 Drill Machine Kit

IZOM ITC is another all in one best tool kit in India which offers an excellent build & designed tools for everyday use. This tool kit has all the types of equipment, both for basic home use and professional use. With all such great high-quality tools, it is also one of the best tool kits in India available.

Izom ATC – 1001 500W Drill Machine

IZOM ATC has a powerful 500 Watt 13mm 3000rpm motor for its drill that can drill through wood, motor, and concrete surfaces. Also, with Its compact design, it becomes ideal for handling and carrying.
The drill has swivel handle for a firm grip during heavy work. It has all required drill accessories such as Metal Drill Bits, Wood Drill Bits, Masonry Drill Bits, Key Chuck for changing the drill bits, etc.
One feature missing from this IZOM ITC that foster & Bosch both offer is it does not have forward/reverse rotation motor that might have been useful for you.


Other tools and accessories IZOM ITC offers are Magnetic Bit Holder, two Cut and Strip Wires with Pliers, Claw Hammer, Adjustable Wrench for All Tightening Needs, metal Cutter, 3-meter measuring tape, Pencil and Scale, Various sizes of Plugs and screws, etc. Note that all tools have rubberized handles that provide you extra grip while working.

IZOM ITC comes with a carry BOX for easy management & portability of tools. Izom ATC provides a standard six months of warranty.

With all such good quality drill, tools & accessories, it is also one of the best tool kits in India.

The below list is only the tool kits & not include the drill machine.

BLACK+DECKER BMT126C Hand Tool Kit (126-Pieces)

BLACK+DECKER BMT126C Hand Tool Kit (126-Pieces) | Best tool kit in India without a drill

Black + Decker is a 110-year-old American company known for its high quality and innovative products. If you do not use the drill machine or doesn’t have any requirement, then this BLACK+DECKER too is the best tool kit in India available for all work purpose. This tool kit offering from Black + Decker is no expectation with its It is no quality compromise, stylish, compact all useful 126 tools + accessories it is one of the best tool kits in India without the drill machine option.


Black + Decker tool kit has 126 tools & accessories which are sufficient for all types of maintenance/repair work at home or workshop.

Starting with basic screwdrivers, it comes with 2 Philips Screwdriver PH2x100mm, SL6x100mm with ratchet Driver with drill bits, and nine-piece sockets.
4 precision Screwdrivers with size: PH1, PH0, slotted 1.6mm,2.0mm can be useful for all electronic gadgets.

1 long nose plier and 1 combination plier for gripping, cutting & stripping wires.
10-inch hand saw with the carbon steel blade. Very useful in cutting & sawing.

Carbon steel adjustable wrench for tightening & loosening of nuts and bolts.
Claw hammer for removing the nails from a surface and hammering.
And more small tools like Tester & Insulation Tape, 3m Measuring Tape, L-shaped 8 hex Allen key with size varying from 1.5 to 6mm., LED torchlight, and 82 pieces of hardware (screws, plastic anchors, etc.).

All these tools are made from premium quality metal, carbon steel, and have a rubberized grip for extra support during use.
Black + Decker tool kit comes with a carrying box for easy portability & has a standard 6 months of warranty.
This premium build quality, design makes it the best tool kit in India (without drill machine) for all home & workshop use.

Visko ST9254 Hand Tool Set (Red, 37-Pieces)

Visko ST9254 Hand Tool Set | Best tool kit in India for small use

If you are not interested in the heavy equipment list above but want a tool kit for your daily use for small maintenance/repairs, then this Visko is the perfect tool kit with 37 different tools & accessories. Visko is India based company from Jalandhar (Punjab) which has business actors the work and know for its excellent quality tools & types of equipment. With this tool all in one quality tool kit, it has become the best tool kit in India for small work.

The key feature for this tool is the Ratchet handle. It allows for reverse switching so that you can perform fast ratcheting action for quick completion of your fastening task.
Other tools include 1-Piece Diagonal Plier (4.5 inches), 1-Piece Long Nose Plier (4.5 inches), 4-Pieces Precision Screwdriver (2.4+, 2.4-, 3.0+, 3.0-), 8-Pieces 1/4 inch Socket (5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12mm), 1-Piece Ratchet Handle, 1-Piece Extension Bar, 20-Pieces Assorted Bits.

Every tool in this kit is made with stainless steel and vulcanized rubber for longer usage & durability. This makes its best tool kit in India with small equipment and affordable price.
The Blowing Mold Case is lightweight and easy for carrying and managing the tools.

Magnetic ScrewDriver 31 in 1 Tool Kit

Magnetic ScrewDriver 31 in 1 Tool Kit

If you are looking for a basic multi-purpose screwdriver tool, then this 31-1 magnetic screwdriver is one of the best tool kits in India at very affordable pricing.

Magnetic ScrewDriver Head Styles

With its stainless steel material for high durability and 31 different types of screwdriver heads (Phillips, Slot, Torx), it can perform all kinds of electronic repairs.
The handle has a rubberized grip and strong magnetic force to attach the different head tightly while it is easy to remove with hands.

This was the list of the best tool kit in India available at various price ranges & toolsets. Which one do you like & which best tool kit in India are you going to purchase? Let us know in the comments down below.

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