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Are you planning to get a new smart band/fitness band? Here we are giving you the best smart band / best fitness band in India to match your budget. Let’s get started with a list and buying guide for the best smart band in India.

Smart band or fintness bands are the most effective gadgets to have if you are a fitness enthusiast, or just want to get fit/healthy. Smart Band/Fitness Bands are unisex; hence, both men and women can use any band models. Using the best smart band/fitness band provides you with exceptional convenience in the daily routine of life.

India’s smart band market has evolved with many new companies offering feature-packed best smart bands/fitness bands. Every new smart band/fitness band has numerous features, functionality, various fitness activity tracking sensors, and excellent battery life.
Overall this makes choosing for best smart bands/ fitness bands a confusing process. Well, we are here to help you choose the best smart band/fitness band in this article.

Best Smart Band/Fitness Band in India

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Review of best Smart bands/Fitness bands in India

Redmi Smart Band

Redmi Smart Band
Redmi Smart Band | Best smart band in low-budget

Redmi band is one of the most affordable smart band/fitness band in India with numerous features. It has many vital features that come in high-end models at a pocket-friendly price.

It has 1.08″ / 2.74cm color LCD touch-screen with 128 x 220 resolution. That equals a sharp 235ppi screen.
The screen has 2D tempered glass on top with 200 nits of brightness. The brightness is not too great but enough for viewing outdoors.
For customizations, it comes with 50+ watch faces to choose from. You can add more watch faces by using third-party apps.

Redmi band is water-resistant up to 50 meters deep, which ensures no damage to the band while swimming or if caught in rains.
It supports direct USB charging, so you do not have to plug in adapters or cables. You can remove the band and plug it into the USB-A charger.

Redmi band supports various health and sports tracking such as running, cycling, treadmill, exercise, 24/7 heart-rate monitoring, and sleep tracking. Redmi band also has additional features like raise to wake screen, remote music control, idle alerts, app notifications from your smartphones, calls/SMS notification, alarms, weather forecasts, and phone locater.

It has a 130mAh battery that charges under 2 hours and provides you with an excellent battery of up to 14 days.

The band has a feather-light weight at just 13g and comes in 4 different band colors (Black, Blue, Green, and Orange), so you can choose as per your personal preference.

If anyone is on a very low budget, they can definitely go for the Redmi band without a second thought. Redmi band is winner of best smart band in India at low-budget price segment.

Realme Band

Realme Band
Realme Band

Realme band is another best smart band/fitness band packed with features at a reasonable price. It offers 0.96″ / 2.4cm color LCD touch display. The brightness levels are good indoors, but it is slightly difficult to view outdoors. It has an 80 x 160 resolution that converts a 186ppi display.

According to your color and design preferences, clock faces on the watch are customizable via the realme link app.
Realme band is one of the first bands to offer direct USB-A charging for added convenience.

It is IP68 dust and a water-resistant rated band that makes your mind unworried even if you under rains or go for swimming with it. Realme band can intelligently track up to 9 different sports activities such as running, cycling, and walking.

Realme band also has many of the smart features to help you in daily life. Lift wrist to wake up your screen, smart notifications from your smartphone, idle alerts, sleep monitoring, 24 hours heart-rate monitoring, smart unlock your android phone, and much more.

It has a 90mAh battery that can last up to 10 days in real-world usage.

The band has a premium design finish with three-band color (black, yellow, green) options available to choose from.
The band weighs at 20grams.

Realme band has minor drawbacks compared to the Redmi band due to this its second-best smart band/fitness band in India after the Redmi band.

There was another serious contender in the low-budget smart band/fitness band, the Honar band 5i.
However, it has been recently stocked out from the Indian market after price it down from 3000Rs (initial cost) to 1799Rs.
It may be due to honor/Huawei is getting out of business in some markets due to current legal issues.

Mi Band 5

Mi Band 5 | Best Smart Band
Mi Band 5 | Best Smart Band

After the great success of Mi band 4 worldwide and especially being the No. 1 fitness band in India, the Mi band 5 is even superior. It provides the best sensors, screen quality, battery, and features at a reasonable price range.

Now Mi Band comes in a 20% larger 1.1″ OLED display along with one of the highest 450nits of brightness. You won’t face any problem looking at the band bigger display outdoors under bright sunlight. It has 2.5D AF coating glass on top.
It has 65 watches faces to choose from, and you can add many more via 3rd party apps.
Mi band is water-resistant up to 50 meters, so you don’t have to worry while showering or swimming with the band.

Mi band now supports the tracking of 11 sports activities, including new modes such as indoor cycling, elliptical, jump rope, yoga. All thanks to its High precision 6-axis sensor (3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope) and PPG heart rate sensor.
It also monitors your heart rate 24 hours along with a 24 hours sleep/nap(REM) monitoring. So you can track your light sleep, deep sleep, and power naps even during day time.

It has a new useful feature for women’s menstrual cycle tracking and provides handy reminder notifications. This tracking even gets improved over time, thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Along with multiple health tracking, it has various modes to keep your lifestyle active, such as idle alerts, steps counters, breathing exercises, Personal Activity Intelligence vitality index, stress monitoring.

Apart from health-related features, it supports numerous smart features for exceptional convenience in your daily life. That includes remote camera control & music playback; smart unlock call/SMS notification, App push notifications from your phone, timer, stopwatch, alarm, calendar, event reminder, weather forecast, and more.

Charging up the Mi band is now more convenient thanks to its magnetic charging. Mi band now has an increased 125mAh battery, which can easily last upto 14 days and can extend more upto 20 days under power-saving mode.

Mi band weighs at 11.9 grams, which is feather-light for a wrist band. You can choose between six colors (Yellow, Teal, Navy Blue, Mint Green, Orange, Black) according to your personal choice.

Mi band 5 is undoubtedly the best smart band/fitness band available in India right now at a great price.

Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5
Honor Band 5

Honor band one of the premium quality band that offers ultimate features and AI-driven software to provide you enhanced tracking information.

The Honor Band 5 has a 0.95″ AMOLED display with a 120 x 240 resolution. It has a brightness of 400 nits, so you can easily view the content on-screen outdoors. The screen is covered with 2.5D curved glass on top that gives it a stylish look.
Various watch faces are available to choose according to your preference from the Huawei health app.

One significant advantage Honor band 5 has the SpO2 sensor, which monitors oxygen saturation level in the blood., which no other bands offer in this price range. Along with the SpO2 sensor, it has 24 hours heart-rate monitoring and with the TruSeen 3.0 AI technology, which provides the high-precision data.

A 6-axis sensor can track 10 sports activities such as running, swimming, walking, cycling, and many more. Since the band is water-resistant up to 50 meters, you can even go swimming with it. Honor has unique swimming stocked tracking that can track four main swim strokes.
It also monitors your sleep pattern with its Treusleep analysis technology even in the daytime and provides better sleep suggestions.

The smart features of the honor band add up convenience in your daily life. That includes call/SMS alert, App notifications, remote music & camera control, phone finder, and much more.

Honor band 5 has a 100mAh battery that provides a battery life of upto 14 days on a single charge. The band weighs at 22 grams and comes in 4 different colors (Meteorite Black, Coral Pink, Midnight Navy, Olive Green).

The Honor band 5 is feature-packed but falls a little behind Mi band 5 in some aspects; however, if you are looking for the SpO2 sensor and like the curvy design, you can go for it.

Noisefit Color 2 pro

Noisefit color 2 pro
Noisefit color 2 pro

Noisefit color 2 pro is a fantastic mid-range offering with attractive apple watch like premium design, big 1.3″ display, and many health/fitness features.

Noisefit color 2 pro has a magnificent 1.3″ LCD with 240×240 resolution and full touch controls. The display brightness is suitable for outdoor viewing. It supports 100+ cloud-based watch face, or you can even customize the watch face to match your strap color/preferences.
The screen has a 2.5D curved glass for a stylish look and protection. It comes with IP68 water & dust resistance rating, so you can wear it all the time without hesitation in getting water-damage.
It’s inspired by the apple watch design and has a side dial button.

The band come with default silicon bands straps with 6 color options such a et Black, Teal Green, Mist Grey. These are easily swappable and you can choose the bands from various color silicon or special edition straps from Noisefit.

Talking about health & fitness tracking, it has a 24/7 heart-rate sensor and sleep monitor to track down your daily activities. Noisefit color 2 pro can also track nine sports activities such as walking, cycling, treadmill, climb, hiking, etc.
It has women’s menstrual health tracking as well that provides a detailed overview of the noisefit App.

Noisefit color 2 pro offers various smart features like calls, text, and push notifications to your smartband/smartwatch along with health-tracking. WIth the big display, it can show 70 characters at a time, which gives a gratifying experiance.

It has an 210mAh batter that can provide upto 10 days of battery life and 45 days of standby time.

If you can go for mid-high budget, and want and stylish design band, then you should certainly consider buying Noisefit color 2 pro.

Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR
Fitbit Inspire HR | best smart band in premium segment

Fitbit Inspire HR is a premium series fitness tracker with a similar feature set as other fitness bands and offers exceptional build quality. It is best smart band in India at premium segment.

The Fitbit inspire HR to have a backlit OLED screen that is relatively smaller but provides natural swiping and scrolling through the UI. It has a dashboard on screen, considering all your daily activities.
Clock faces can be customizable via face options.
The band can be replaced with premium leather and stainless still with gold and silver option add-ons. Overall the design is simplistic but attractive.

It has 24/7 heart-rate tracking, sleep tracking, swim tracking 15 types of sports tracking. It can also track walking/running distance via your smartphone GPS. It can automatically detect once you started workouts, to track the data more precisely.
For women, the Fitbit app has a menstrual cycle tracker, record symptoms, and more.

Besides health tracking, it has various smart features, such as call/SMS alert, app notifications, reminder alerts, timer & stopwatch.

Fitbit Inspire HR provides upto 5 days of battery life, which is enough for a working week.

The band is available in total 6 colors, which include, Soft TPU – Black, Lilac, White, Leather – Brown, Stainless steel – Silver and gold.

If you are looking for a best smart band/fitness band at premium quality, then there is no better option then Fitbit inspire HR.

Why buy a Smart band/fitness band?

Smart Features

  • Smart band/fitness band offers a pleasant hands-free experience, thanks to its push notifications and remote control features.
  • It provides weather forecasts, push notifications, and alerts for selected apps from your smartphones. Also, social media apps, call alerts, SMS alerts, alarm notification, and all other apps notification which allow you to send notification on your band.
  • Most smart band/fitness band offers remote control for your smartphone. You can control music and volume through your band.
  • A smart band/fitness band can also help locate your phone (by ringing), in case you lost the phone somewhere nearby the Bluetooth range. With the androids smart unlock feature, you can keep your phone unlocked when the smart band/fitness band is connected with your device. It provides hassle-free unlocking of your phone when it is with you.

Daily Activity/Sports Tracking

  • Smart band/fitness band has numerous numbers of activity tracking sensors that monitor your daily movements and provide you with informative data right on your wrist.
  • Smart band/fitness band can track your daily walking/running steps, swimming, cycling, treadmill, and many more sports depending on various smart band models.
  • It can also measure the distance you have been jogging/walking, thanks to built-in GPS or via smartphone GPS.
  • Gyrosensors and accelerometer sensors help to provide all data related to various sports activities.

Health Tracking

  • With the dedicated sensors such as heart-rate sensor, gyrosensors, accelerometer, SpO2, the smart band/fitness band can provide an accurate report of your health on your band or fitness app.
  • The heart-rate sensor monitors your heart-rate 24hours and provides a comprehensive heart rate report, such as resting heart rate, heart rate curve, and max heart rate.
  • SpO2 sensors, aka pulse oximeter, monitors your oxygen saturation level in the blood.
  • Sleep tracking is one of the most significant features of the smart band/fitness band that monitors your total hours of sleep, deep sleep time, and overall sleeping patterns. The monitored data assist you in getting better sleep.
  • The artificial intelligence enables smart band/fitness bands to provide you with the current stress levels concluding data from all the sensors.
  • Overall, data from these health tracking sensors push you for a healthier lifestyle.

Additional Features

  • Idle alerts in smart band/fitness band alert if you are inactive for a longer time since sitting idle is unhealthy for the body.
  • All the best smart band/fitness bands are dust and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry while going in the rain or swimming pool.
  • It also has a built-in stopwatch, countdown timer for tracking your sports activity.
  • Compared to smartwatches, the smart band/fitness band offers you multiple weeks of battery life so that you can keep using the band without having to worry about charging.
  • You can customize the look of your band screen thanks to various clock faces and background images.

This was the list of the best smart bands in India at the various price ranges. Which one of the best smart band you are going to purchase from the list? do let us know in the comments down below.

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If we have missed any best smart bands, do let us know in the comments.

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