Best Office Chair in India | 2020

Are you looking for the Best desk/office chair? Here we are providing you with the list of best desk/best office chairs in India along with a buying guide for assistance.

Whether you are setting up a new office for your business, enhancing your existing office, or simply working from home, having an office chair is one of an essential product you will require on which most of the working hours will be spent.
Professional office chairs not only help to enhance look to your office or desk but also it is crucial for you or your employee’s long term health.

Investing in a good/comfortable designed chair help with improved productivity and worth the money rather than regretting later and paying more money to the doctor or physiotherapist.

We have divided this article into three parts.
1) Best office chairs for Associates in India
2) Best office chairs for Executive in India
3) Benefits & Guide for buying the best office chair.

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We highly recommend you to check out the benefits and buying guide at the end of this page.

Best office chairs for Associates in India

1) Green Soul New York High Back Mesh Office Chair | Classic (Black)

Green Soul York High Back Mesh Office Chair (Black) | Best Office Chair
Green Soul York High Back Mesh Best Office Chair (Black)

Green Soul is one of the well-known chair manufacturers in India. They offer well thought out chair designs and also make high-end gaming chairs, which are the highest-selling in India.
This offering from Green Soul is also an attractive looking design that fits any office or home environment. It has a tall back design along with neck support at the budget price segment, making it one of the best office chairs in India. The highlighting part about this chair is 3-Years of on-site warranty, adjustable lumbar, adjustable headrest, and high-build quality.


Design: Green Soul is known for its great design chairs, and this budget offering from Green Soul is no exception. The chair design is very ergonomic. With the lumbar support and headrest, they are making it extremely comfortable while working for extended hours.
The chair and seat are designed to be fully adjustable so that you can adjust according to your liking. Green Soul classic chair built using high-quality materials that not only add up to the look of the chair but also make it more durable.

Comfort Seat & Back: Green Soul chairs are intended for ultra comfort. The breathable mesh back design is curved inwards as per the human anatomy for providing perfect comfort. Back Air circulation is also high thanks to the full mesh back design.
The seat is cushioned well for extra comfort during long working hours.
Overall, working on this Green Soul chair is a breeze and prevents health, back/spine related problems.

Adjustable Lumbar & Height: The Green Soul, New York chair, is fully adjustable. You can adjust the height according to your comfort level using an easy lever at the bottom. With the help of knob at the backside, back lumbar is also back and forth adjustable as per your liking.

Adjustable Headrest & Armrest: The headrest is one of the most flexible headrests available in this segment. It can be adjusted from 0° to 45°, up/down, or forth/back according to your neck position and comfort.
The armrest is also height-adjustable so that you can set it up according to your hand resting position.

Tilt support & 360° Swivel: The chair seat supports the tilting mechanism between 90° to 105°. It also has a tilt lock for locking down tilted position for your convenience.
360° swivel also adds up to the convenience in office working environments.

Wheels & Base Durability: The Green Soul classic chair has dual caster wheels, which helps swift forward/back chair movement along with smooth rotation.
The base is made up entirely with metal that can handle heavy loads easily.
Overall the chair fabric & materials used are high-quality that ensures long-lasting durability.

Easy Assembly: Another highlighting feature of this chair is easy 4 part assemble & installation. Unlike other chairs, this Green Soul chair has only four pieces that have to be assembled and takes 10 minutes to do so. Overall it’s simple to assemble this chair.

Warranty: The significant part about this Green Soul chairs is it comes with 3-Years of on-site warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Overall all these features and quality make it one of the Best office chairs in India.

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2) MISURAA Xenon Mid Back Ergonomic Chair (Grey + White)

MISURAA Xenon Mid Back Ergonomic Chair for Office & Home
MISURAA Xenon Mid Back Ergonomic best Chair for Office & Home

If you are looking for a futuristic-looking chair with great comfort, then you should consider this MISURAA Xenon chair. This offering from MISURAA provides all necessary features such as adjustable lumbar support, four-position recline, and locking, Aluminum metal base all made using high-quality materials.
It is one of the best office chairs that look attractive and packed with features.


Design: Starting with the design, as mentioned, it looks attractive with a grey and white finish all around with the aluminum metal base. Along with the looks, it also has a mid-back ergonomic design, which keeps you in comfort in long working hours. All the design elements are adjustable, too, for your convenience.

Nylon Mesh upholstered Back & Seat: The seat and backrest both are made with durable Nylon upholstered mesh that provides you excellent air circulation from back & bottom. So the seat is always cold, unlike other chairs. Overall choosing these materials keeps not only unwanted sweat away but also provides extra comfort in the long run.

Fully Adjustable: The MISURAA office chair can be adjusted at every possible point. It has seat height adjustment, armrest height adjustment, seat depth/side adjustment, tilt support along with tilt tension control, reclinable back with four positions locking support.
With all this, you can adjust the seat at various points as per your liking and comfort.

Build Quality: The base is aluminum cast for handling higher weight compared to other nylon base chairs. The shimmer finish to it also adds up to the looks.
Other materials used in the chair are also premium quality and sturdy for the long lifespan of a chair.

The overall futuristic look of the chair, designs, materials, and finish make it one of the Best office chairs in India.

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3) Flipkart Perfect Homes Howard Fabric Office Executive Chair (Black)

Flipkart Perfect Homes Howard Fabric Office Executive Chair (Black)
Flipkart Perfect Homes Howard Fabric Office Executive Chair | Best Office chair

This is one of the best high back chair offering at a budget segment by Flipkart. It has a good design, durable build, modern look along with features like headrest for neck support, and tilt mechanism are the highlights of this chair.
If you are looking for a long/high back chair at the budget segment, this Howard fabric offering from Flipkart is the best office chair choice.


Design: Flipkart Howard fabric office chair design is one of the attractive looking with its tall aspect, cushioned seat, metal stand, mesh back recliner, and the armrest also looks good. All these design features also add up to the ergonomics of the chair and provide ultimate support as per human body anatomy.
Also, these design elements help to keep the body and neck posture in the correct position to avoid health-related issues.

Headrest: This long back chair has a headrest for supporting the neck properly that assists you in working for long durations without any neck pains. The headrest is adjustable, too, so that you can adjust according to your preferences and comfort.

Fishnet back and Lumbar Support: The breathable fishnet design is comfortable and circulates air throughout the back prevents you from sweating.
With the lumbar support at the back, your spine and physical body anatomy fit perfectly, which helps with comfort over the long working hours and prevents spine-related health problems over the years.
The back is also adjustable up to 105° and has an advance reflect mechanism so you can relax in lie arched back position, thus adding to extra comfort.

Various flexibility: The Howard fabric chair offers a 360° swivel rotation moment for ease while working on office scenarios.
The seat height is adjustable according to your liking with the easy to use a lever.
It has a tilt mechanism along with the tilt tension knob that allows for different levels of recline according to your body mass.

Metal-Frame & Wheels: The bottom structure/frame of the chair is entirely made up of metal, which ensures the durability and long life of the chair. It has five metal legs for load-distribution that can handle an overweight person easily.
The heavy-duty dual caster wheels can handle rough use, also allow for swift roll and swivel moments.

Cushioned seat foam & Armrests: The seat has ultra-comfortable cushions for keeping you comfortable in long working hours. Also, the armrest is height adjustable, which you can adjust according to your table height, and working position.

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4) SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs Delta MB Office Chair (Black)

SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs Delta MB Office Chair (Black)
SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs Delta MB Office Chair (Black)

This Apex chair is offering by Savya homes, which are known chair manufacturers since 2009. This Delta MB office chair has a modern design and various important features at a budget price. This mesh back chair provides exceptional arm, thighs, and back support, whether you are working in the office or at home.
Overall this is one of the best office chairs at a budget price.


Design: The design of this chair is ergonomic yet straightforward, modern, and comfortable for long time work. It has a thick foamed seat, meshed back for good air circulation, Polymer 5 start base, and silver coating for some parts. Overall the design is timeless.

Thick Mesh seat cushioning: The Apex Delta MB chair has a 2-inch thick high-density PU mesh padding that provides you comfortable sitting experience even in long working hours.

One-Touch Height and Tilt Adjustment: It has a simple one-touch high-quality class 4 gas lever underneath the seat for adjusting seat height by 5 inches according to your preference and comfort.
Also, a tilt tension adjustment knob available for tilt control.

Dual-wheel nylon castors & Star designed base: Apex delta MB chair has dual-wheel 50mm castors which help for smooth maneuverability/glide on all the surfaces. The dual wheel design helps to avoid any marks or scratches on the floor.
The heavy-duty base is an umbrella-shaped 5-star design that divides load and provides the strength that can handle 100 kg weight person easily.

Elegant & comfortable Armrest: It has an elegantly designed armrest that provides you with extra comfort for your arms and shoulder. However, it is not height adjustable.

360° Swivel: It also features a 360° swivel function which you can use and adapt as per your convenience.

Strong back spine & Breathable wire mesh: The back has wired mesh, which provided good air circulation and comfort. Also, behind the back mesh, there is a robust back spine frame, which adds to the strength of the chair. So even if you reclined the chair too much, it would still hold up sturdy.

The armrest is not height adjustable.
The build is hard plastic/nylon, which is lightweight and sturdy but not equivalent to metal built chairs.

Overall the Apex Delta MB is one of the best office chairs in India for a low budget price.

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5) Seat chacha Brio Home Office Chair (Black)

Seat chacha Brio Home Office Chair
Seat chacha Brio Home Office Chair

Seat Chacha Brio is another best office chair with the tall/Medium back design. The ergonomic design of the chair is perfect for anyone working in an office or using it at home.  The seat is comfortable for long working hours. Built with high-quality materials and various chair related functions make is one of the best office chairs in India.


Design: The Brio office chair is tall and designed according to human body anatomy for a perfect fit. With a meshed back, 360° rotation, ergonomic lumbar support, armrests and padded seat cushion makes is one of the best office chair design and experience at a budget price.
The silver finishing at the backrest and armrest looks elegant while providing a premium look to the chair.
The design is also suitable for both home and office use.

Mesh design back supports: This office chair back is a mesh designed that allows air to circulate and keep you back cool without any sweating for long durations. The mesh back cushioning is also comfortable for many peoples compared to leather or clothed fabric.

Padded seat and armrest: The seat is cushioned well with 50 density foam thick padding, the wide seat, and soft texture for comfortable use in long working hours. The armrests are also padded for extra comfort while resting your hands while working on your system.

Reclinable Backs & Height Adjustment: The seat comes with a height adjustment so you can adjust according to your personal preferences and desk height. It also has an easy push back button/lever at the bottom for resting your back for extra comfort.

Swivel & Maneuverability: This chair supports 360° rotation by which you can rotate 360° that adds up at the multi-tasking. With the high-quality 50mm nylon castor wheels, you can move it quickly anywhere on the floor.

HIgh-Quality & Easy Installation: The installation process is easy. It comes with all the installation tools and instruction guides for easy buildup that will take just around 15 minutes. Seat chacha chair can bear 100kg weight person easily.
All the Seat chacha chairs and parts such as nylon base, wheels, reclinable back are tested for its long durability and safety. There is also a video guide available for assembly assistance.

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The chair on Flipkart available in 5 different colors

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Best office chairs for Executive in India

1) Green Soul Vienna High Back Revolving Office Chair (Black & Black + Tan)

Green Soul Vienna High Back Revolving Office Chair (Black & Black Tan)
Green Soul Vienna High Best Office Chair (Black & Black Tan)

Green Soul chairs always have great built and well thought out ergonomic designs. This chair attempts to provide the ultimate look, luxury at an affordable price range.
The artificial leather with extra padding foam for additional comfort is the highlight of this chair. Along with that, it’s entirely flexible/adjustable and has great lumbar/spine support.
Overall this is one of the best office chairs in India at a budget price.


Design: Green Soul Vienna is a high back chair that provides complete lumbar and neck support. The design is perfect for human anatomy and spine to provide comfort in extended functioning hours. The artificial leather upholstery and various color options such as dual-tone black + tan color give this chair an attractive design and look.

Materials:  As mentioned, this chair has artificial leather materials to the seat and back along with that, it also has an extra layer of padding/cushioning, which enhances the comfort level. Even the armrest is padded with a cushioning layer. The internal body is made out of high-quality wood, and the base is a sturdy chrome metal base for extended durability. These material choices make it one of the best office chairs in India.

Comfort features: The chair has an ergonomic back design that is the same as the human spine shape for health/spine benefits in the long term. It also has excellent lumbar support and well placement of armrest for extra comfort. It also has a tilt tension mechanism for back and forth between 90° to 105° moments along with knob to control tension softness/hardness.

Flexibility: Similar to all chairs, this has height adjustment, 360° swivel functionality for easy multi-tasking, dual caster wheels for a spontaneous moment, and smooth-rolling on the floor.

Warranty: Green soul chairs always have high quality and durable for a long time. That is the reason Green Soul Vienna chair comes with 3-Years of on-site warranty.

Overall this is one of the best office chairs in India for executives.

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2) Green Soul Ace High Back Leatherette Office Chair (Brown)

Green Soul Ace High Back Leatherette Office Chair (Brown)
Green Soul Ace High Back Leatherette Best Office Chair (Brown)

Green Soul is one of the best chair manufacturers in India. Starting from a basic desk chair to the gaming chairs, all are built with the best quality and design.
This High Back executive office chair is no exception. Ace Leatherette Office Chair is an ergonomically designed chair that ensures enough support to your back and shoulders. It has high back padding with an extra layer of comfort foam.
The sturdy metal frame, durable leather upholstery, and other features not only add to the looks of the chair but also fulfill all the requirements of an executive chair.


Design: The chair is designed by keeping the body/spine shape in mind. Since the human body spine is not straight, this chair is also designed as per the body/spine shape for providing you ultimate comfort during long working hours. Since the chair is a tall back design, it has neck rest as well.
Overall the elements and design of the chair along with various flexibility options, it is one of the most sophisticated designed executive chairs in India.

Leather Material and Finish: Since this is an executive chair, it has an artificial leather used all around the chair for a premium feel and ultimate comfort. The armrest has soft leather padding and matt metal finish. The base is crafted with sturdy metal and chrome finish.
It also has durable double stitching. The chair is available in Brown and black colors.

Various Adjustments: It has an essential height adjustment feature for increasing or decreasing height as per your preference. It also supports 360° swivel for multi-tasking.
However, the armrest is not height adjustable, but the shape of the armrest is ideal for comfort.
The 5 PU double castors wheels add up to the convenience for a comfortable moment and smooth-rolling.

Comforts & Knee-Tilt: The chair is cushioned with ultra-thick foam and leather. The back is also cushion with the same for providing support all around.
This chair also has tilt support for rocking chair back and forth between 90° to 105°. It also has a tension knob to adjust the hardness of tilt as per your preference.

Warranty: The great part about this Green Soul chairs is it comes with 3-Years of on-site warranty. This gives you peace of mind and makes it another best office chair in India.

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3) Innowin High Back PARKER HB Executive Office Chair

Innowin High Back Executive Office Chair
Innowin High Back Executive Office Chair

Innowin High back PARKER HB chair is one of the perfect Executive or CEO chairs. It has a modern look with black meat and metal finish. It comes with and various features, flexibility options along with ergonomic design, cushioned seat + backrest for perfect comfort.
The build materials, durability, and quality of the chair are top-notch.


Design: The design is modern and a perfect match for an executive, manager, or CEO. However, it can be used by anyone since It is ergonomically designed for a good back/spine and lumbar support.
Working for extended hours will be ease on this chair.

Comfort features: It has soft PU cushioning on seat and backrest. The backrest and seat are reclinable as per your preference.
The neck rest & armrest is not adjustable; however, it is ergonomically shaped to support your neck and hands. The armrest also has cushioned padding.

Flexibility: The seat is height adjustable. It also has a back pressure tension control lever at the bottom.
The chair supports 360° swivel for multi-tasking. WIth the dual wheels on the star-shaped base, it enables swift rolling on the floor.
The base is made up of aluminum for the high-strength and long lifespan of the chair.

Assembly and Warranty: It is effortless to assemble, and the seller also provides support for chair assembly. The warranty for the chair is standard 1-Year.

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4) Urban Ladder Ray Executive Study Chair (Walnut +White or Black)

Urban Ladder Ray Executive Study Chair (Walnut White)
Urban Ladder Ray Executive Study/office Chair (Walnut White)

If you are looking for a futuristic-looking best office chair in India, then this offering from the urban ladder is no doubted the best option.
The impressive Ray executive chair enhances the look of your office or home. It has all the flexibility features along with the ergonomic design that keeps you comfortable.


Design: As mentioned, it is one of the most attractive and futuristic looking designs with a walnut finish. The chair type is tall-back, which means it entirely supports your body and the neck also with the dedicated headrest. The upholstery material used here is Leatherette for a premium feel. Overall the chair stands out from the crowd in terms of looks.

Comfort: The back, armrest, and the seat are curved in such a way that it supports the human body correctly, providing comfort. The headrest, armrest, and seat cushions are padded quite well, and the backrest reclines as per preference providing you with more ease.

Flexibility Features: It has standard seat height adjustment along with it that it has a tilt function with a tilt-lock mechanism so you can adjust the seat according to your preference and keep the position locked. The torsion control knob lt you control the tension of the springs in the chair to match body mass.
It supports 360° swivel for multi-tasking. WIth the dual castor wheels, it enables swift rolling on the floor.

Materials: The main frame of the chair is made out of bent_wood. The base supporting to chair and wheels are made with sturdy metal for extra strength and long durability. The finish is again wooden at the back and sided or armrest giving it an impressive appearance.

Assembly and Warranty: It comes with a 1-Year on-site warranty. They also provide free physical support for chair assembly post-delivery.

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Benefits & Guide for buying the Best office chair.

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Design &

The design of chairs is one of the crucial points while choosing a desk/office chair, as it should perfectly fit and suit as per your body shape & requirement.
There are three design types of office chairs, Low back, Medium back, and high back. High back chairs are the most comfortable since it has neck support also.
Well shaped/ergonomic design and quality chair always gives you the convenience during long working hours and provide support for your neck, back, shoulder, hips, thighs, legs, and hands.
While giving you comfort, it also assists in enhances the look of your desk and eventually of the entire office.

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There are various types of fabric types available for desk/office chairs., such as cloth, leather, mesh. They also have various cushioning fabric used for under thighs and for the armrest. For usual employees, clothed or breathable meshed fabric material chair is perfect along with a foamed seat. However, the clothed fabric is a little hard to clean compared to leather or meshed fabric.
For executives, a leather chair is a perfect option that provides even more comfort and provides a premium feel.

Note that the fabric should be air breathable so that if you sit on it for a long duration, the seat of backrest won’t feel uncomfortably hot. The stitching of the fabric should also be of good quality so that it won’t tear apart after prolonged usage.
You can choose the fabric according to your comfort and preferences.

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Talking about Materials, there are mostly two types of chair materials used for the frame. Hard plastic or metal. Both are comfortable.
Hard plastic base and frame chairs are durable but also lightweight for the easy moment. Few hard plastic chairs are a mix of strong nylon and plastic for extra strength.
A good quality hard plastic/nylon chair can bear similar weight as metal built chairs.

Metal base and framed chairs are more durable, and they provide long term usage without breaking. It is also more stable.
Metal framed chairs can also handle the heavy load, so even if an overweight person sits on metal chairs, it will easily handle it.

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Best office chairs are available with various feature sets. Let’s look at the list of features.

> Adjustable height: Chair height adjustment is one of the most used features, According to the height of your desk/workstation and you comfort you can adjust the height of the seat.

> Reclinable backrest: It is also called at push-back feature. It helps you to adjust/tilt backrest according to your comfort. It is always recommended to keep it straight at 90° for avoiding effect on spines and back pain. Backrest reclining can also be locked using the given lock mechanism under the seat.

> Tilt adjustment mechanism: Some office/desk chairs also offer a slight tilt option by which entire seat tilts backward, providing you with an extra level of comfort.

> Rolling Wheels/Casters: Rolling wheels/casters assist you to easily slide chairs to get up from your desk or slide to a nearby place/desk without getting up from the chair. It makes maneuverability of the chair a pleasant.

> Height adjustable & tilting armrests: Armrest is one of the important elements of a chair where you can keep your arms while working on a laptop/desktop. It overall provides support and comfort to your arms in long working hours.

> 360° Swivel: Swiveling chair 360° is very handy and useful in many scenarios. It also adds up to easy multi-tasking.

> Neck Support: There are chances of Neckache if there is no proper support to your neck in long working hours. Look for a neck supporting (neck rest) chair design.

> Padded Seat: The seat and backrest foam should be well padded for extra comfort.

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Health Benefits / Lumbar Support

As you must know, the human spine is not straight. A bad lumbar support design chair and improper anatomy/posture of sitting on chairs can lead to various health-related issues. A chair design/lumbar support should be as per spines and body shape.
Below is the comparison of health-related issues that can affect due to chair design and anatomy/posture of sitting.

Comparison of Chair Health Benefits
Health Benefits Comparison

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Improved Productivity

A well-designed chair allows you to keep your posture and provide a resting position for various parts of the body. It helps to maintain the energy level in the long run and ultimately helps to improvise productivity of yourself or your employees.
A straight posture keeps the mind psychologically active and physically body energetic that improves your self-esteem.

With all the benefits mentioned in the above point overall, it improves productivity and health of yourself/employees at the end of the day.


So, This was the list of best office chairs available in India. Which one of the best office chairs do you like? And which best office chair you are thinking of buying one?
Do let me know in the comments down below.

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