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Days of using the conventional LED bulbs are about to go now since smart bulbs & motion sensor LED bulbs are available in the market.
The motion sensor LED bulb is almost at the same price but offers impressive features that turn your home into a smart home.

Here we have done the research and chosen all based on criteria that all have daylight sensing, Stanard B22 Holders, bright lumens, and listed best three motion LED lights available below.

If you are looking for smart, colour-changing/ app controllable LED bulbs do click here to check the best smart LED bulb available in India.
However, if you are looking for a more affordable motion sensor LED bulb, then continue reading.

What’s the difference between a smart LED bulb & motion sensor LED bulb?

Well, the difference is straightforward. As per the name Smart LED bulbs provide features such as Multiple colors to choose from, Brightness control, time scheduling, Remote control & App control.
But there’s one feature Smart LED bulbs do not provide which motion-sensing LED bulb do that is it has a motion sensor placed on top of the LED bulb which detects any moving objects like humans and turns the light on automatically. This is what creates magic into your home and makes it smarter.

Why choose a motion sensor LED bulb?

Reason 1
Much affordable than smart LED bulbs.

Of course, the smart LED bulbs provide many more features, but this motion sensor LED bulb is practical and much more affordable for everyone.

Reason 2
Easy to setup & use.

Motion sensor LED bulb is much easy to install, just like plugging in any other LED bulb and it works. Unlike Smart LED bulbs which require the app to be installed in your phone to configure and setup every feature it has.
This Motion sensor LED bulb makes a more practical option and anyone can use it.

Reason 3
Incomparable convenience

This is the main reason to choose a motion sensor LED bulb. Its simply install and forget. It will light up as soon as motion is detected (especially warm objects).

It can be used for a security purpose if you are going to install outdoor so that if any person or suspect goes across of it, the lights come up.

Another purpose of using this is it provides a hassle-free experience. For example, if your both hands occupied while holding something, turning on lights is not easy but with this motion sensor LED bulb it will light up as soon as you come inside the room/gets in the range of the sensor. This is why I called it Incomparable convenience.


Reason 4 -
Save even more energy

Not only this LED bulb by default save energy with its LED technology but since this has a motion sensor which turns on the light only when required. It saves even more energy. This feature is just awesome, so even if you forgot to turn off the bulb. It will automatically turn itself off (after 30 sec) when motion is not detected. Thus saving more electricity consumption.

Here’s the best Motion sensor LED bulb available in India


      Oreva B22 10-Watt Sensor LED Bulb

Oreva is a well-established company that provides various value for electronic money appliances. This Motion LED bulb is no exception.
Oreva Motion LED bulb offers 775 lumens of brightness and has features like daylight sensing so that bulb doesn’t turn ON automatically if there’s enough light available in room/area.

Below are the features that are given by Oreva on the product page.

> Sensing based on live body Motion: Using the IR motion sensor on the bulb, LED light automatically turns on during live motion detection. Also, turn off automatically if no motion is detected within 30 second
> Super Bright Antiglare LED Light:  Provides 775 Lumens of bright anti-glare light.
> Detection Distance 3-4 mt. (8-10ft.): The motion sensor can detect an object at the MAX distance of 10feet. Which is enough of home use cases.

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage – 230V AC/50Hz
Power – 10W
Colour Temperature – 6500K
Operating Temperature – -20°C to 50°C
Voltage Range 90~300V AC
Lumens – 775lm


        IFITech Smart LED Bulb 9W

IFITech Motion LED bulb is offered by IFI Homes, a Bangalore based company that is known for providing smart home solutions.
This offering by IFI Tech is also fantastic with all the necessary features of the motion sensor LED bulb.
Below are the features that are given by Oreva on the product page.

> Dusk-to-dawn Auto On/Off – With built-in PIR Motion & light sensor, the dusk to dawn sensor light bulb will detect the light intensity, lights up only at night, goes off in the daytime. Just install, no need to turn on/off the light physically.
> 900 lumens ultra brightness  -100W Equivalent while consumes only 9W of power.
> Easy to install – Screw into any standard Indian light socket or fixture, no wires or additional any addition sensor detection fixtures required; Perfect for industrial, commercial, and residential applications
> Energy Saving – Built-in photosensitive elements and automatic sensor control, the LED light bulbs save 80% of energy than traditional bulbs, cutting your electricity costs.

> Longer Life Eco-friendly – LED light bulbs to last up to 10X longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs, saving you the cost and hassle of frequent bulb replacement; Moreover, no glare, no flicker, no lead or mercury – 100% green lighting
> Improved Security – The Motion-sensing light bulb will light up even when you are not around as long as it is dark, offering the comfort and security you need.
> Light senses ambient illumination/Daylight and only turns on when the light is needed (during the night and on a cloudy day).

Technical Specification:
Bulb Base: B22 (Fits in all Indian bulb holders)
Material: Aluminium with powder coating
Light colour: Cool White
Colour temperature: 6000 K
Beam/Sensor angle: 120°
Sensor distance: 3 meters
Low Voltage: 100-240 V


        Halonix Radar B22 10W LED Bulb

Halonix is another company with the creado of “Make in India”, deploying smart lighting solutions specific for Indian consumers.
Their Halonix Radar 10W motion sensor LED bulb most rated motion sensor LED bulb on amazon and also has been amazon’s best choice.  Providing all motion sensor LED bulb features and quality.

This motion sensor LEB bulb is suitable for both outdoor & indoor with its  10W, 850 lumens of brightness. 
Below are the features that are given by Oreva on the product page. (refer images/video)


Technical Specification:
Technical Specification:
Bulb Base: B22 (Fits in all Indian bulb holders)
Material: polycarbonate
Light colour: Cool White
Colour temperature: 6500 K
Luminous Flux: 850 Lumens
Wattage: 10W
Auto on: if lx level is less than 50
Voltage: 100-240 V

Note: Choosing any of this Motion sensor LED bulb won’t disappoint you since all have been carefully selected by keeping multiple necessary features like daylight sensing, Stanard B22 Holders, bright lumens, and quality. 

So, Which one you liked the most? Also if you have any query let me know in the comments down below.

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