Best Mirror Designs for Home | India | 2021

Are you looking for best mirror designs for your Bathroom, Bedroom, or all in one purpose?
Here we are giving you the best mirror designs available in every segment.

Mirrors are one of the essential goods at home. Mirrors allow you to perfect your makeup before going out, match your clothes, ultimately help you to show your confidence!
It also used for the decorative purpose for your home.

It can expand the space to make your home look wider and brighter and make you feel good.
That’s the reason we are giving you the best mirror designs available for your bathroom, bedroom, and all in one purpose, which looks very attractive and transforms the look for your home.

There are different types, use for the mirrors, and the mirror designs also vary upon the usage.
Such as wardrobe/bedroom or dressing table mirrors have a vertical rectangle design, bathroom mirrors have either circular or horizontal rectangle designs, few makeup mirrors (Vanity mirrors) are specifically designed for grooming up which has LED lights inbuilt, and the last is decorative wall mirrors which not only provide a stylish look to your boring wall but also enhance overall decorations for your home.
All these types of mirrors are now available in frameless designs as well, which are more modern.

What to look for before buying the mirror designs?

Choosing the mirror is simple since all mirrors do the same work. But there are few points to check before buying a mirror for your home, bathroom, bedroom.

The design should be matching with the location where you place the mirror. As mentioned above, the shape of the mirrors should be as per the placement location, such as horizontal or circular design for your bathroom. New modern mirrors even have frame-less mirror designs, which give a more attractive look.
The right type and modern mirror design will enhance the overall look to the location where you place the mirror.

Mirror quality is another crucial point as the materials used for making the mirrors make a difference in clarity and distortion after a few years of usage, or even get damaged easily. So do consider the frame (MDF), thickness & material used for manufacturing the mirror.

The size of the mirror is another crucial point as the overall size should be perfect fir as the placement location. It should not be either too small or too big not to fit in properly.

Why buy the mirrors online?

The most obvious reason is the wide variety available in online stores.
Local shops or stores have very limited types of casual looking designs. If there are any modern mirror designs available, they will cost many times more than regular mirror designs.
But if you go online, there are thousands of different designs, materials, frames available to choose from. Also, the pricing is very competitive and cheaper than offline shops.

The shipment of the mirrors done by online retailers is also very careful, and if you did not like the design or product, you could quickly return the same without any hassle. Unlike taking it back to the local shop/store.

Which are the Best Mirror Designs available in India?

Here I am considering all the essential buying points mentions above including the designs, quality, materials and giving you the list of best mirror designs available for bathroom, bedroom/dressing/grooming/makeup/wardrobe, wall mirrors and at the end of the list there are all in one design mirrors which can be used everywhere and as per your preferences.

Best Bathroom Mirror Designs

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Best Bedroom Mirror Designs

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Best All In One Mirror Designs

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So, this was the best mirror designs available in every category. Which one of the mirror design did you like? And which one are you thinking of buying for your home? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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