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Have you got annoyed about trying different Mosquito killers at home? Let’s look at the futuristic Best electric mosquito killer lamp.

Everyone hates the bites, buzzing or whining sound and irritation of mosquitos in their home/office, especially in the night when they interrupt your deep sleep.
According to the official report by WHO, Mosquitos cause six different types of disease and cause millions of deaths every year. That number is enormous, considering how small and widespread these mosquitos are.

Looking at the criticality, you should definitely look around for a great way to keep the mosquitos away. There are few typical/traditional ways by which peoples try to keep mosquitos away, but all are not equally effective.
You might have exhausted trying various ways to wipe out the mosquitos, but there’s one futuristic device that will help you around to keep the mosquitos away from your home or workspace. Yes, the device is Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp.

Here we are giving you the list of best electric mosquito killer lamp in India available. But before that, let me guide you through why these mosquito killer lamps are better, the advantages, safety, how do they work, and, most importantly, why you should choose a Best electric mosquito killer lamp?

Why choose Electric mosquito killer Lamp? Over any other mosquito killer gadgets?

Typically peoples use devices to keep the mosquitos away, such as electronic mosquito zapper/bat, mosquito repellent lotions/creams/body spray, fly killer spray, and the liquid chemical refill bottles. But are all good and effective as an electric mosquito killer?


  • Ease of use / Convenience: Compared to the zappers mentioned above/lotions/sprays/refill bottles, the electric mosquito killer lamp does not require any manual work, which you have to perform with mentioned alternatives.
    This mosquito killer lamp can be easily installed and used by anyone at home/office since there is no manual work required to keep the mosquitos away, you just need to power it on, That’s it!
    You do not have to keep it on charging like zapper bats or need to change the refill bottle every time. The mosquito killer lamp keeps on working. Only a tray cleaning required after a certain period, which is simple to do.
    You can even use them as a night lamp. 😉 😛
  • Eco-Friendly: Unlike all other methods, this mosquito killer lamps are chemical-free/non-toxic(non-poisonous). It does not produce any harmful chemicals/smells, which is not good for health and the environment inside the home or office.
    Overall there is no smoke, no smell, no toxic chemicals, and no need to refill anything.
    It is also power efficient so save electricity in the long term.
  • Economical/Saves Money: This electric lamp requires very little electricity to operate. Also, minimum maintenance is required, so you don’t have to spend every time buying new refill bottles, new coils, new spray, or new lotions, which eventually save your money in the long run.
  • Safe to use: These mosquito killer lamps are 100% safe to use since there is no worry of emitting any radiation, electric shock, harmful/toxic chemicals. Overall it is entirely safe for pregnant women and new-born babies. Only the placement should be distant from the reach of small kids or pets.

How does electric mosquito killer lamp works? And how effective is it?

Electric mosquito killer is a simple bug zapper that attracts mosquitos or bugs by emitting between 360~390nm high-frequency ultra-violet wavelengths that mosquitos love. Because of which mosquitos get attracted to the light, and as soon as mosquito touches to the electric light tube, it does eradicate.
Few mosquitos killers have similar UV light technology, but they use suction fans by which they trap the mosquitos inside with their suction fans.
It is remarkably effective and safe to use.

Now let’s start with the list of the best mosquito killer lamps…
We have listed the first 4 lamps, which are best for home use purposes and last 2 with workspace/outdoor use purposes.

TIP: The mosquito trap killer in the bedroom must be started at least 3 hours in advance. Since mosquitos get active from evening time.

TIP: Switch off other room lights for better results.

Which are the best mosquito killer lamps in India?

Wazdorf Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Bug Zapper

Wazdorf Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp
Wazdorf Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp | electric mosquito killer lamp in India

Wazdorf Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp is one of the perfect electric mosquito killer lamps. It has beautiful looking design, correct wavelength UV light, perfectly designed trap, Noise re-duction optimizations, and other features.
Looking at overall features & quality design it offers, it is one of the best electric mosquito killer lamps in India that works perfectly.


  • Wazdorf lamp has a perfect 365nm bionic violet wavelength light that Imitates the human body. It accurately attracts mosquitos with the human bionic technology of mosquitoes for 60m².
  • It has a three-dimensional wrap, and an airflow vortex system called a stereo surround trap. The mosquito killer light can suck any small insects like a mosquito into the mosquito box.
    It also has a very compact and lightweight design that can be placed in a bedroom, hall, or any corner of your office.
  • The noise is also quite low at 45db, with Noise Reduction Optimization. This will not interrupt your sleep, and you can enjoy the mosquito-free night.
  • Since it is entirely electric, it does not produce any odor/smell neither any chemical like other mosquito repellents.
  • This is an environmentally friendly and healthier option than traditional mosquito killer devices/bug zappers, spray, and incense. Ultimately it has no side effect on pregnant woman’s health and small kids.
  • It required a simple USB Power Supply that can be provided by devices such as phone charging adapter, power bank, laptop, phone charging adapter, etc.


  • Color: Black/White(optional)
  • Material: Plastics
  • Voltage: DC 5V/220 mA
  • Wattage :2W
  • Area: 51-100㎡
  • Item weight:302
  • Size:180x100x100mm

ISABELLA Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Lamp

ISABELLA Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Lamp
ISABELLA Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Lamp | B-Mosquito 813

ISABELLA mosquito killer lamp is another great affordable lamp. The design is beautiful, and the technology used in this works seamlessly.
Overall the design and features make it one of the most effective working electric mosquito killer lamp in India.


  • This ISABELLA mosquito killer lamp design is beautifully perfect. It has the circular emitting UV light with the new duct design that traps the flying mosquitos accurately.
    The design is also compact and lightweight to keep anywhere.
  • It works on the same eradication technology that releases the light wave of 365nm UV light, which is specially designed for attracting mosquitoes.
  • It has strong suction fans so that when mosquitos attract & come close to the UV light, this suction force traps and get sucked into the bottom tray.
  • It is also safe to use since it does not have any toxic chemicals/smells, no pesticides, or harmful sprays. Overall it is health-friendly and does not have any side effects on humans.
  • This requires a USB plug to power ON and work (min. 3 amp). You can use any mobile charger, power bank, or PC/laptop USB port.

HNESS Electronic LED Mosquito Killer lamp/Machine

HNESS Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine, Trap Lamp
HNESS Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine, Trap Lamp

This Spaceship/UFO-like cool-looking electric lamp is a perfectly designed mosquito killer.
The design is compact and small, which is easy to place anywhere, such as bedrooms, halls, hotels, offices, or even while traveling.
The technology used here works flawlessly and can be a great choice for electric mosquito killer lamp in India


  • The design is, as mentioned, looks like a UFO or spaceship, which is beautiful. It has UV light at top with 360° opening for mosquitos to come in; underneath it has a strong suction fan, and at the bottom, it has a tray for mosquitos.
  • The UV light is the same 365nm in which mosquitos love and get attracted to it. The strong suction fan works very well in this 360° open design to trap mosquitos inside. That strong vortex, killing mosquitoes in inhale style.
  • It is completely safe with no chemical emissions or radiation. Overall it is eco-friendly, and It does not produce any noticeable sound which doesn’t interrupt your sleep at night.
  • This lamp is easy to clean with a simple twist to remove mosquito tray. The tray is also of large capacity to hold a large number of mosquitos.
  • It requires only the 5v of electricity to work, which ensures high energy saving. It has a USB cable to power it on, so you can use any mobile charger or power bank. Also, it is compact and easy to carry with its lightweight design.


  • Length: 16.5cm x 15cm
  • Colors: Blue, Pink
  • Power: 5v USB

JIYANA Upgraded USB Mosquito Killer Lamp

JIYANA Upgraded USB Mosquito Killer Lamp
JIYANA Upgraded USB Mosquito Killer Lamp

The design looks like a decorative piece, but it is meant to trap mosquitos by sucking air inside with a combination of intense circular suction fans and UV light.
It looks like a piece of art which you can keep anywhere and does improve the look of your room, hall.
The built quality of the product is also durable since it is made with ABD plastic material.


  • The working principle is the same with 368nm LED purple light with human bionic technology lures the mosquitoes. Once the mosquitos attracted to the light, its robust air circulation system sucks the mosquitoes, and air vortex traps them in the tray.
    It merely works with all these combinations of technology.
  • This one is completely safe for health without any harmful smoke/smell, chemicals, neither any radiation.
  • It is easy to use with a standard USB charging cable. It can be connected to a mobile phone charger, power bank, or laptop it to work.
    You can even use it as a night lamp.
  • As per the product manufacture, for the first time, it is recommended to keep the machine on for more than 48 hours.


  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 310g
  • Coverage area: 51-100 Square meters
  • Power cord length: 108cm/42.52in
  • Product size: 221.5cm/4.728.46in
  • Power: 5w

ABS material, Weight: 310g, Coverage area: 51-100 Square meters, Power cord length: 108cm/42.52in, Product size: 221.5cm/4.728.46in, Power: 5w

Note: Below products are specially designed to use in large environments such as workplaces, hospitals, and outdoors, however, you can use them at home as well.

TIP: Place the electric mosquito killer lamp (tube designed) on the height of 5ft from the ground for safety and more efficiency.

Hygiene 40W Jumbo V2 UV Tube Flying Insect Killer Machine

Hygiene 40W Jumbo V2 UV Tube Flying Insect Killer Machine
Hygiene 40W Jumbo V2 UV Tube Flying Insect Killer Machine

This Hygiene version 2 insect killer machine is a quality product made in India with a well-engineered design, a powerful 40w of voltage for insects/mosquitos.
It is ultra-effective for a large office, workspace environments, or outdoors to kill all flying incest, including mosquitos.


  • The design is big, with large mosquito loved UV light tubes and large vent opening to trap the mosquitos. It is made very precisely with a CNC machine for perfection. It also has a button in front to power ON/OFF.
    Overall it is well though designed made in India to work flawlessly.
  • It uses different technology then above mentioned home mosquito killer suction fans.
    This machine has long dual UV light tubes that attract the mosquitos and other insects, and once they reach inside the grid it supplies a 40watt of voltage to kill the insects or mosquitos instantly.
    The big tubes and 40w of voltage is enough to kill all the insects instantly, because of which it works seamlessly on outdoors as well as covering large areas.
  • It has finer mesh with a density of 1.5mm, which is very effective for killing even smaller insects.
  • This Hygiene v2 is also environment friendly with no toxic chemicals, no radiations, or smoke. The mosquito tray at the bottom is easy to remove & clean.
  • These machines made to work 24/7 day & night.
  • It comes with a 1-Year of warranty, and with the made in India quality design (unlike cheap Chinese design/quality) and features, you can rest assured about performance and enjoy the bug-free environment.

WINOTEK UV Metal Jumbo Flying Killer 20 Watt

WINOTEK UV Metal Jumbo Flying Killer 20 Watt
WINOTEK UV Metal Jumbo Flying Killer 20 Watt

The WinoteK 20watt insect killer machine is another excellent outdoor electric mosquito killer lamp in India.
Its grid design, dual long UV light tubes, and environment-friendly features make it one of the best electronic mosquito killer lamp in India.


  • This WinoteK machine made up of quality metal, dual 20 watt UV light tubes, a large grid to accommodate large numbers of insects to kill, along with an insect holding tray at the bottom.
    The overall design is great to be effective in large environments.
  • The dual light tubes emit the UV light spread in all four directions, which attract the mosquitos/insects, and as soon as they enter the grid, the 20watt of voltage kills the mosquitos/insects instantly.
    It works in large environments up to 2000 sq ft.
  • It is completely harmless to humans and eco friendly. There is no working sound, no chemical, no poisons. It is 100% safe for your family members and pets too.
  • It features a tray at the bottom of the unit to gather dead insects for easy removal and cleaning. The electric grid is non- clogging. Overall the maintenance is low.
  • This machine operates all day and night (24/7).

This was the list of best electric mosquito killer lamp in India available in various stylish and flawlessly working designs.

Which one of the best electric mosquito killer lamp in this list did you like most? Also, which best electric mosquito killer lamp in India are you thinking of purchasing?
Do let me know in the comments down below.

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