Best College Bags in India | 2020

Are you looking for the best college bags? Here we are listing up all the best bags for college students.

Bags or backpacks are the essential goods that students required for going into college. Every new academic year means students expect new bags. Of course, good feature-packed bags are the best for organizing all the books and other stuff into your bags and easy to carry around.

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Space needs to keep all new bigger books and other stuff such as tiffin-box, and water bottles increase every academic year. People usually go to a local shop and buy a bag that looks good and fits into their budget, but there’s more to consider before purchasing a bag/backpacks.
Not every bag is designed to be for college students and might not have all the functionality which is necessary for college needs. There are more factors such as brand, quality, pockets, size, and storage space of the bag as per the student’s age and academic year.

Before we start with the list of best college bags in India, let’s look at why you should buy bags online?

Note: We have considered all these essential factors and giving you a list of the best college bags in India for every age and academic year. 

Why get the best college bags online?

Reason 1
Brands & Quality

There is a big difference between buying the best college bags in local/roadside shops and online. You may get the college’s bags at a meager price, but the quality, durability, the material used inside and outside of the bag does make a difference over the year of usage.
Whereas in the online market, well-established brands offer their best quality college bags, which ensures the best fabric/material used for best college bags for overall usability.

Reason 2
Designs and varieties

Local/roadside shops will have minimal types of designs and varieties of college bags. But in the online market, there are many different types, colors, designs, sizes available as per every student/student requirement.
Starting with classic designed college bags for college students to the big size, feature-packed bags for students with various pockets for several purposes.
You have many more choices available while buying the best college bags online and definitely find the best college bags you are looking for. & 

Reason 3
Genuine user reviews

The shopkeeper makes you believe that the college bags which they are offering are the best and will not have any problem/difficulty using them over the years. But rather than believing in shopkeeper words, you can check out the real user’s reviews in the online market along with the pros and cons of the best college bags after using it and the durability reviews.
It makes buying the best college bags in India perfect in the online marketplace.

Now let’s start with the list of the best college bags available in India…

Here we have considered all the factors as mentioned above and chosen the best quality and high rated products/brands so that you won’t have to perform another research before buying.

You can choose as per your requirement, favorite brand, and design.

Best College Bags in India

1) Fur Jaden – Anti Theft Laptop Bag with USB Charging Port (Black / Blue / Gray)

Fur Jaden, laptop Bag, Anti Theft with USB Charging Port | Best college bag

Fur Jaden bags are always futuristic with its fashionable design and impressive design features. This bag is no exception.
This durable and lightweight backpack is unisex. It has a USB charging port for conveniently charging your smartphone. Also, an anti-theft design lets you carry your laptop anywhere with confidence.
This bag has high-quality materials for high durability, and also it is spacious with many inner pockets to keep al the college stuff.
Overall there is nothing to complain about design, space, or features it offers, and that’s what makes is one of the best college bags in India.

  • Fur Jaden bag design is futuristic, unlike the casual bags. It comes in three main color variants, Black, Blue, and Gray. The design is trendy for college students. The overall aesthetics of the bag does well on utility and functionality
  • The material of this bag is water-resistant that saved from rain or accidental splashes. So, you don’t have to worry about your laptop or books and other stuff getting wet easily.
  • It features multiple compartments. With 1 main compartment and small 7 inner pockets, it lets you store all your belongings and keeps them properly sorted. The space capacity of this bag is enough for all kinds of college students; it can fit a 15.6-inch laptop easily along with all the stuff. The main compartment can be fully opened, as shown in the above image, for easy accessibility of goods in your bag.
  • The highlighting feature of this bag is the anti-theft design, which hides the zipper easily, and also inner compartments have zipper lock. So you can carry around your laptop with confidence.
  • Another highlighting feature of this bag is it has a side-mounted USB charging port for your smartphone so that you can keep charging your phone while on the go. You can connect your portable charger inside the bag and then connect a USB charging cable to the outer USB port for charging.
  • It has 10 days No Question asked replacement guarantee from the date of delivery. And 6 Month Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects.
  • Overall this is an excellent bag with loads of uncomparable features, that makes it one of the best college bag in India.

Capacity: 15 liters, Weight: 649 g. Dimensions: 28 x 13 x 42 cm

Gray Color>

2) POLESTAR 32 Ltrs Laptop backpack (Noble Blue)

POLESTAR 32 Ltrs Laptop backpack (Noble Blue)

POLESTAR is known for its quality and feature-packed bags. It is a clean silhouette that is fashionable and modern design. The bag has a simple but useful design with 3 main compartments. The product polyester quality is good, which makes it very lite in weight. The spacious compartments, soft shell, zipper closure, shoulder strap and is targeted towards both the genders to be used during day trips or college.
This bag is a No.1 Bestseller on Amazon, that ensures it is one of the best college bags in India.

  • This design is minimalistic yet big and feature-packed. The color is dark blue along with black zippers, which are perfect for both the genders and look attractive.
  • The outer and inner fabric used here is a good quality polyester that makes it durable and slightly water-resistant.
  • It features 3 main zippered compartments, one well-padded laptop partition inside the last compartment, 2 water bottle/umbrella pockets at each side, and small organizer Pockets inside. It’s suitable for casual college/office and travel.
  • Its ergonomics help you to reduce the load you are carrying; also, the well-padded, adjustable shoulder straps ease the carrying.
  • Overall it has all the necessary features and good durability that makes it one of the best college bags in India.

Overall Capacity: 32 Liters. Size: 45 cm X 31 cm X 22 cm


3) Wildcraft Polyester Backpack (WC 10 Foliage 6)

Wildcraft Polyester Backpack (WC 10 Foliage 6)

Wildcraft is a well-known brand for its design and quality of the bags. This bag also made up of the same aesthetics of high-quality materials, great design, and durability.
This bag is loaded with compartments and features, which makes it one of the best college bags in India.

  • This design has a blue color pattern to it, which looks beautiful. Along with it, you can easily notice the durability of the product by looking at the stitching all around, which adds up durability and look to the bag.
  • The material here is high-quality polyester that can hold up for many years. It is even water-resistance thanks to the outer high-quality polyester material.
  • The bag comes with a rain-cover built-in so that you can be worry-free even if there’s rain or any water splashes.
  • The padded back system and shoulder straps offer excellent carrying comfort while the side-mounted compression straps give the pack a snug fit. The top carry handle is also padded for easy transport.
  • It features 4 compartments. The 3 main zippered compartments out of which one has an inner padded laptop sleeve, the other two are big size compartment to keep other stationary stuff and 4th one is the side-mounted water-bottle holder.
  • Overall this Wildcraft bag is loaded with aesthetics, big space, and functionality.

Capacity: 47 liters; Dimensions: 11 inches x 13.5 inches x 19 inches (LxWxH)


4) American Tourister 32 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack (AMT Fizz – Blue)

American Tourister 32 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack (AMT Fizz – Blue) | Best college bag

American Tourister is known for stylish, high quality, and fun backpacks that you can rely on. This backpack comes with multiple organized compartments that are enough for all college needs. The bag is also lightweight and made of durable double dot polyester fabric. The bag has padded straps, backrest, and overall feels comfortable.
It is one of the highest-rated best college bags on amazon due to its quality and feature-packed design.

  • The American Tourister is known for its good looking and quality designs, and this bag is no exception. The combination of white-blue colors looks fabulous. The size/shape of the bag is also perfect for school students.
  • The material is a lightweight polyester and nylon fabric that makes it water-resistant, sturdy, and very durable. As mentioned, every American Tourister bag undergoes rigorous global quality tests to ensure that product lasts long.
  • This bag 3 full-size compartments to fit in all the notebooks, textbooks, and journals along with tiffin boxes and other stuff easily. Also, the first full sie compartment has 4 more mini compartments to keep stationery goods. It has mesh pockets at both the side to accommodate your sipper or bottle and umbrella
  • The padded shoulder straps and cushioning pads for back makes it comfortable while carrying and traveling with it. American Tourister backpacks are well-crafted back padding that keeps the users back stress-free and relaxed, minimizing the load on the spine.
  • This best college bag can be easily trusted for its comfort, durability, and overall functionality it provides.

5) Lunar’s Comet-4 Anti – Theft Organiser Backpack (Blue/Red/Black)

Lunar’s Comet-4 35L Water Resistant Casual Backpack | Best college bag

This offering from lunar’s is made with quality, design, and accessibility in mind. It could be a perfect/best school bag/backpack for college students or even school students.
With 3 larger compartments, Padded shoulder straps and back panel ease the weight of the load. Altogether this could be a great choice for the best college bag.

  • The design of the LUNAR’s bag is classic but included a lot of functionalities in it. It could be a perfect size and feature-packed bag for students.
  • The material made from Imported 420D lightweight polyester fabric, which has tested the strength of 140 kgs. Along with 900D super strong base with a foam padding for protection. The zip quality is also durable. These materials make it water-resistant, sturdy, and very durable in all conditions.
  • The straps are wider and padded for shoulder comfort. These stars have reinforced bartack stitching on high load points to make it long-lasting. The back is also padded with 3D Air mesh ventilation to prevent sweating. Even the handle is padded for extra comfort while holding.
  • This bag has a big storage space. 3 Large compartments, 1 Front Zip Pocket, 1 Side Bottle Holder, 1 Internal Organiser to store pens and other stationary stuff. The first compartment has an anti-theft organized design.
  • The features and quality of this bag are amazing, and it is one of the best college bags you could get online.

Capacity: 35 Litre. Dimensions:19(H) x 12.5(W) x 8.5(B) inches.


6) F Gear Burner Backpack (Grey 2449)

F Gear Burner Backpack (Grey 2449)

This F Gear Burner 26 L backpack has got everything that will complement your youthful personality. It has a slim, trendy-looking design, which is also much durable.
Ergonomic design exteriors, spacious interiors, padded straps, and backrest for comfort along with the water-resistant fabric makes it one of the classic best college bags in India.

  • The unisex backpack design of the F Gear bag has a slim profile. It is also a more compact design thanks to longer dimensions.
  • The material is good quality polyesters; also, the stitching is perfect for making this bag water-resistant. It also adds up on durability with tear-free fabric.
  • It features a cushioned base and back padding to provide you extra comfort. The padded shoulder straps of this bag can be easily adjusted according to your liking.
  • This bag has 4 storage compartments. 2 Large compartments with the laptop sleeve inside to fit in a 15.6-inch laptop easily, 1 front vertical zip poker to keep stationary another handy stuff, 1 Side Bottle Holder. Both the big compartments have two zips for extra safety.
  • This bag has a great/best college bag option for short road trips, college, and work. It comes with a 1-Year warranty and a promise of quality from F Gear.

Capacity: 26 Liters, Weight: 400 Grams, Dimensions: 31 Cms X 20 Cms X 46 Cms (L x W x H)

  • The size/dimensions might not be for all. So do check out if the size and capacity are sufficient for your needs.


7) F Gear Yakuza Laptop Backpack (Leather-Brown)

F Gear Yakuza Laptop Backpack (Leather-Brown)

It is another great offering from F Gear with a leather-like brown color finish. This Artificial leather design looks premium for college or work standards.
It is a high-quality bag from F Gear along with spacious compartments and dedicated laptop sleeve inside.
The look of the bag is attractive, and the design is sturdy/durable, which makes this bag one of the best college bags.

  • The design of the bag is so spacious that it has space that helps you keep everything organized for everything you need while traveling or going to college. The design is also comfortable to carry around easily.
  • The material is good quality artificial brown leather, That not only looks premium quality, but it is also more durable. The stitching is also of good quality for keeping the bag sturdy in the long run.
  • This bag has 4 storage compartments. 2 Large compartments with the laptop sleeve inside to fit in up to 18-inch laptop. It has 2 Exterior Pockets for small/stationary stuff for easy accessibility and 2 sided mesh bottle/umbrella holder.
  • It features a foam-padded back and shoulder straps for comfort while carrying the full bag. Also, it has adjustable shoulder straps so you can adjust according to your height/liking.
  • Overall this bag may find attractive to many college students, and along with large storage space, it is one of the best college bags in India.

Volume Capacity: 34 Liters. Dimensions: 46x34x18 cm (H x L x H)


This was the list of best college bags in India available with various designs for every student’s preference.

Which one of the best college bags in this list did you like most? Also, which best college bag are you thinking of purchasing?
Do let me know in the comments down below.

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