Best budget smart LED light bulbs in India 2021

In the era of Internet of things and smart homes, place of old, old conventional incandescent, CFL, or halogen bulbs have been entirely taken by LED bulbs, and now Smart LED light bulb are started to taking over usual LED bulbs.
There are many smart LED light bulb available in the online market now, and the demand for the smart bulb is increasing day by day.

We have researched the online market and found below the top 3 smart LED light bulbs available in India.
Note: All of them are from recognised brands & none of them required any extra hub to set up the devices.
But before that…

Why choose a Smart LED light bulb?

Well, smart bulbs provide more control over how and when the lights turn ON & what colours lights should glow along with some extra features which make the intelligent LED bulbs utterly different from conventional LED bulbs, which turns ON & OFF. Such little things assist you in making your home smart/ home automation.

Reason 1 – Provides millions of colours to choose from.

Yes, These smart LED bulbs come with a multi-colour LED, unlike the conventional one, which means you can choose whatever colour you like & change it as per your mood. Trust me, and this will completely change the atmosphere of your home and eventually define your frame of mind.

Reason 2 – Brightness control.

Smart LED light bulbs provide control over how bright the LED bulb should glow, which is very handy as per the location you had set-up this smart bulb. Like if its sleep time, you can dim down the brightness of your smart bulb of room, or increase it whenever you need to.

Reason 3 – Remote control.

This bulb comes with its own apps to control all the functions of the smart bulb. They even offer you to control devices from anywhere in the world. These intelligent bulbs also support voice most popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa & Google Assistance, which makes using it more effortless.

Reason 4 – Schedule the Timings.

You can schedule the timing for the smart LED light bulb to turn ON & OFF, which helps you to automate the regular work you used to perform manually daily. This feature helps you to create home automation.
For Example, You can schedule your outdoor light to turn ON daily once the sun goes down(7 PM) and turn it OFF sunrises (7 AM).
Or you can automatically turn ON you kitchen/washroom light as per pre-scheduled wake-up time. How cool is that?

Reason 5 – Save even more energy than LED bulbs.

Do always ON smart LED bulbs save more energy than conventional LED bulbs? It first sounds like not possible, since technically smart LED bulb has to be powered on all the time, unlike traditional LED bulb which we power ON and Off manually. But, since we have automation features like time schedules, the smart LED bulb turns itself off even if you forget to.

For example, if you leave early in the morning for office and forgets to turn off the bulb (which happens with so many peoples), you can turn off the lights using the app or voice assistance remotely. Or, if you have already scheduled the timer, it will automatically turn itself off. This is where it saves money. Also, it consumes very little energy while on standby.

Here’s the quick comparison table.

FeaturesConventional LED BulbSmart LED Bulb
ColoursSingle Colour16 Million Colours to choose from
Power ConsumptionLessWith smart features, it saves even more energy
Remote/Voice controlNot availableAvailable via and App or Voice Assistance
Schedule TimerNot availableAvailable via App
Brightness controlNot availableBrightness can be adjusted
Smart FeaturesNot availableMultiple Smart features available
PricingCheapLittle expensive but worth the features

Lets start with list of best smart LED bulbs in India


Syska 9-Watt Smart LED Bulb

This Smart bulb is offering by Syska, which is one of the top tiers LED bulb manufacturers in India. This is also the cheapest smart LED light bulb on this list.

Syska 9 Watt Smart LED Bulb
Syska 9 Watt Smart LED Bulb

The reason for keeping this LED on number three is it offers 9-watts output compared to the other two in this list with 10, 12 watts. However, this is the most affordable smart bulb with all the features along with the India Standard B22 Connector.
Below are the features that are given by Syska on the product page.

WiFi Compatibility: You can connect this smart bulb to your WiFi network to enjoy controlling the lighting through the dedicated app on your smartphone or tablet. So, in case you forget to turn off the lights before you head out for work, you can instantly use this feature and conserve electricity and running costs.

Multiple Shades in One: By downloading the dedicated Syska Smart Home App, you can change the colour of this smart bulb based on the colour palette that is available. You can also control the brightness of the bulb through the app.

Unique Colour Tones: You can change the colour and white temperature of this Syska smart bulb via the dedicated app. You can switch the colour tone from bright daylight to a soft and relaxing white light. This helps you create different moods so that you can effectively study (by reducing eye strain), party, or enjoy reading your favourite novel.

Set Daily Schedules: This smart bulb comes with an alarm clock feature that you can use to set daily schedules. These schedules instruct the light bulb to automatically start when it gets dark and turn off when the sun rises. And, in case you’re on vacation, you can use this feature to schedule the light to turn on and off at regular intervals to create the impression that your home is not empty, keeping thieves at bay.

Voice Command: With the help of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistance, you can assign a name to your Syska smart bulb and control it via voice commands.

Economical: This Syska smart bulb works well with any WiFi router, so you don’t need to invest in a separate hub or paid subscription service for the lamp to work efficiently.

Multiple Users: This feature enables several people to control the lighting. This way, your family or your roommates can control the light when you’re not around.

Universal Doc: This Syska smart bulb can fit into any socket. This ensures that you don’t have to install new fixtures for the bulb to function well.


Wipro 12-Watt Smart LED Bulb

This offering by Wipro is the most rated smart LED light bulb on Amazon with almost 8k ratings.

Wipro Smart LED 12 Watt Bulb Assistance
Wipro Smart LED 12 Watt Bulb Assistance
Wipro Smart LED 12 Watt Bulb
Wipro Smart LED 12 Watt Bulb

The reason to keep this on number two is 12-watt output compared to Syska with little price increase, but it also offers all the smart bulb features mentioned at starting. This one also comes with a standard B22 connector.
Below are the features that are given by Wipro on the product page.

No Gateway or Hub Required: Operate your bulb directly through WiFi from anywhere in the world through the “Wipro Next Smart Home” app. No additional gateway or hub required. Make sure to keep the bulb within the range of your WiFi router.

Choose from 16 Million Color Shades: Now choose from a wide range of colours to suit your mood. Get relaxed with Blue light after a long tiring day. Turn it to Red to enjoy the party evening or switch to yellow to enjoy dinner.

Dimmable: Adjust the brightness of your space ranging from 10% to 100% based on your need.

White Tunable: Tune your light to any shade of White between Warm White (2700K) and Cool Day White (6500K) with Wipro Next App.

Use the bulb as a Timer: You can schedule the turn ON & turn OFF time as per your need. You can also configure the same to turn ON automatically in the evening and turn OFF with sunrise. Also, schedule it to turn ON before you reach home from the office.

Create Different Groups: Group the smart bulbs of different rooms under different groups & enjoy controlling the bulbs under a particular group together. You may want to dim the lights in the living room while sitting in the bedroom or may wish to set the brightness of the study room to the maximum.

Control through Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant: You can name the bulbs differently & give the command to Alexa to change a particular bulb to the desired colour. Also, you can group the bulbs under a single name to operate them simultaneously through Alexa.


Mi LED 10W Smart Bulb

Here comes the number one smart bulb offered by Xiaomi or MI. It is one of the biggest smart device manufacturing company in China, and now coming up in India also with its smart home devices. Mi LED 10-Watt bulb is also one of them & it became trendy.

MI 10 Watt Smart LED Bulb 0
MI 10 Watt Smart LED Bulb 0
MI 10 Watt Smart LED Bulb
MI 10 Watt Smart LED Bulb

The motive to keep this in number one in this list is it, of course, has all the features mentioned in starting and above two smart bulbs have.

But also it has the best access to use App, Best Brightness at 800 Lumens & best of all is it has Music Sync feature, that means your MI smart led light bulb can flash multiple colours dynamically as per the current music is being played in surroundings. So that you can use it as a disco light, click here for a guide on how to set up MI Music Sync.  Note: That MI LED smart bulb comes with an E27 type connector, so if you do not have an E27 type plug, you will have to buy an extra adapter from B22 to E27.

Below are the MI smart LED light bulb features that are given by MI on the product page.

Energy-saving design: The Mi LED Smart Bulb emits 800 lumens of light and consumes just 10W of energy, making it easy for you to make the switch.

Choose from 16 million colours: Light up your home the smarter way. Capable of switching between 16 million colours, the Mi LED Smart Bulb will effortlessly transform your living space.

Set the tone for every mood | Easy temperature and brightness control: You can adjust the colour temperature anywhere from 1700K to 6500K. When the setting demands, you can amp up or dim the brightness as you like.

Control at your fingertips | Mi Home app control: Convenience is the key with the Mi Smart LED light Bulb. With the Mi Home app, you can pick any colour,
control the bulbs, and even schedule it to turn on the moment you reach home. You can connect and manage multiple bulbs through the Mi Home app

No hub required: This brilliant LED light bulb requires no hub or bridge; it can be connected to your WiFi and controlled via the Mi Home app.

Sync Music: One of the vibrant features is to sync music with your favourite lighting. A simple tap on the app can let you kickstart a party with millions of colors.

This was the Best Smart LED light bulb available in India. All are very good at their price ranges. Which one of the smart LED light bulb are you going to purchase? Let me know in the comments down below.
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