Benefits of Online Shopping | 35 Genuine Reasons

Online shopping is revolutionizing the way people shop around the world. Here we are presenting you 35 Genuine Reasons and the benefits of online shopping? And how online shopping is transforming the way of living.

As per the report from Statista, In the year 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online. In the same year, global e-retail sales amounted to 2.8 trillion US dollars, and forecasts show an increase of up to 4.88 trillion US dollars by 2021. As more e-commerce giants making their strong appearance in all the countries around the world, more online shopping is getting increased.

For example, Amazon is a well-known e-commerce giant around the globe. Still, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba/AliExpress on their 11/11 singles day (2019) total sales were $38.4 billion US dollars within 24 hours of the sale period, which is more than half of what amazon sales were in the entire quarter.
Even though they do not have their presence in other countries, still their international shipping is what makes these huge sales possible.
That’s the potential of online shopping.

In the days of a busy life and packed schedules, peoples prefer to buy goods online for convenience and save time. But is that the only reason why shop online?
Well, after long research, we have found 35 genuine/honest reasons & benefits of online shopping.

But before that, let’s look at some FAQ that may come to your mind.

Any growth in Online shopping?

Definitely! There is a 200% jump in online shopping compared to 2014 (just six years ago). Online shopping is growing at an unprecedented rate.
In 2019 it was estimated that 15-18% of goods were shopped online. It is expected that the number will increase to 95% by the year 2040 in online shopping. (Nasdaq)

Is online shopping going to replace offline/traditional shopping?

Anything can be sold online, even the things which are not available in the regional shop can be bought online. So does that mean online shopping is going to take over the traditional one?
Well, offline/traditional shopping is still going to be active in the future. But the demand will be quite low, and a limited number of products will be able to survive in offline shops. It is interesting to see how both shopping ways are going to compete with each other in the upcoming years.

How much do people spend on online shopping?

In a recent study done on Amazon US, it has seen that prime members have spent an average of $1400 in the entire year of online shopping.
The money spending varies in every country, but as online shopping increases, the spending will also increase dramatically.

Now let’s look at the 35 honest/genuine reason and benefits of online shopping.

What are the Benefits of online shopping?

1. Convenience

Convenience is obviously the most important factor why people choose to buy online. Shopping online adds the level of convenience to your life, which was not even imagined a few years back.
You can perform online shopping anytime and anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

2. No Limit of Time or Place

There is no limit in time or place to perform online shopping. Whether it is day or midnight, you can perform shopping anytime online. That’s the beauty and convenience it has.
It does not matter if the shop is at a nearby location OR if it is open or closed (which has to consider shopping offline). Also no need to wear clothes while going for shopping. You can shop online by wearing pajamas or inner-wear also. Who cares? 😉 😛

You can place an order whether you are just sitting at home, or working in an office, or traveling on bus/train/car. You can perform shopping on the go and whenever you want. It is one of the major benefits of online shopping.

3. No Crowd

Crowd at shopping malls
The crowd at shopping malls 

It’s a big problem if it is a busy shopping Sunday or festival sales day since shops/shopping malls which are overcrowded these days.
And going into these rush areas and getting exhausted, messing up with all the peoples for parking is also a big headache.
Instead, you can relax at home and perform online shopping within minutes without all this frustration.

4. Shop using any device

Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop users recently along it online shopping, too, has increased via mobile devices thanks to dedicated Apps.
You can perform online shopping using your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or now even place orders via smart voice assistance like Amazon Alexa or Google chrome.
You just have to speak, Alexa/OK Google, Order 5 packets of Ramen noodles, and an ACT II popcorn party pack. That’s it! 😎
This takes convenience to whole another level. Also, one of the significant benefits of online shopping.

5. Save Traveling and fuel

Whenever you have to go for buying goods/products locally, you take out your car or bike for which it costs you fuel. But that is not the case with online shopping. There is no need to uses my vehicle and burn fuel, which not only saves time and fuel expenses but is also good for the environment.

6. Time-Saving

Another important factor in buying online is it saves time. In these days of a busy life, time is one of the most vital parts. Time is irreversible, so why waste time while shopping offline. That includes,
> It saves travel time, also avoids wastage of time if there’s traffic on the way. It saves time for buying different goods at different shops since at online stores all are available in one place.
> Saves time of long queues.
> Saves time roaming/searching for a product at various shopping sections. In online, you can just search product name in the search bar, and the product appears, ready to add in cart.
It is one of the biggest benefits of online shopping.

7. No queuing for checkout

Usually, in malls or shopping stores, there are long queues for checkout. This queue is much longer, especially in the festival season or discount/sale days. Even if you have purchased 1 or 2 small products, you have to be in the entire queue. This eventually wastes a lot of time and energy for being in the queue just for checkout.
However, there is no such problem persist and adds up to another benefit of online shopping. There are no queues at all, which saves not only precious time but also efforts to get out of those queues.

8. The Convenience of Delivery

Shopping online has another great convenience, which is doorstep/home delivery. You can order anything you want, which will be delivered to your doorstep that too for free/no shipping or delivery charges.
Thus saving efforts of carrying all the goods in the vehicle from a local shop to your home.

9. Availability of Products

You may have surely experienced in shops or shopping malls that a particular product is not available or went out of stock or might be due to the non-availability of the product shopkeeper asked you to come on the next day/week. Well, That’s is rarely a case with online shopping. You will always get all the products, available all the time and even in a higher quantity compared to offline shopping. A vast availability in the e-commerce market makes this one of the benefits of online shopping.

Also, if the product is not available in one of the shopping sites, you can search on another website or use a search engine (Google) to find the availability of products on another E-Commerce site for making the Purchase.

10. Ease of Access & Buying

The ease of accessibility and buying goods online is another excellent benefit/reason why shop online. Whatever you are purchasing online is much easier compared to buying offline. Let’s look below why it’s a breeze shopping online.

11. Ease of searching / Finding Products

It is always challenging to find all the products quickly in one place. That is even a bigger problem if you go to a large mall or shopping center, in which there are multiple sections of goods which are so confusing and makes finding items much difficult (This also wastes time & energy).
Compared to online shopping, you just have to enter a few product keywords and all suggestions/products appear in front of you within seconds, ready to buy and checkout.

12. Easy Price Comparison

In offline shops, you will hardly get any chance of comparing the product price in another store, and mostly you just end up buying the product from the store at the given price.
Well, that’s where the beauty and benefit of online shopping come in. While shopping online you can easily compare prices between different E-commerce sites and grab the best possible deal/price. There are even price comparison websites that make this work easy for you and provide the lowest price information.

13. No Pressure of Sales Person

Sales Persons
Sales Persons

As soon as you enter a shop inside a shopping mall or retail store, a salesperson asks you if they can help you with finding products and helping you out for Purchase. Sometimes it is good to have to advise, but most of the time it irritates peoples. If the product you are looking for is not available, they provide you an alternative product which you may not like.
It’s not easy to neglect salespeople and rejects their proposal due to physiological pressure, and simply because of human nature, you end up buying. That you mostly regret post-purchase.

Well, That’s not the case here while shopping online. You won’t have any salesperson roaming around you to force a purchase. You can check product specifications reviews and decide on your own without any influence. If you don’t like any product, you can simply switch to another E-Commerce/online website or close the App/browser. 🙂
It makes is one of the great benefits of online shopping.

14. No Compulsive Shopping

Compulsive Shopping
Compulsive Shopping

As mentioned above, you end up buying undesired goods because of a salesperson in offline shops. But that’s not all.
Even if the salesperson is not present, you end up buying more products than you originally planned, for that is called a “Diderot Effect.”
You are compelled to buy a few goods that may not initially be intended, but since you are already visiting the shop, you end up buying. The designs of shopping centers/malls are organized in such a way so you will check out every product available and they get more sales.

Whereas in online shopping you simply search for products and proceed for checkout without having to buy unnecessary products which you don’t want. Or you can simply log off if you don’t want to purchase without thinking twice. Which gives your freedom from compulsive shopping. Thus saving your hard-earn money.

15. Privacy/Discreet while Purchasing

Some products have to be purchased while keeping privacy. It’s always uncomfortable to buy some products at public places where everyone can see what you are purchasing, i.e., undergarments.
Online shopping has saved you here from all such embarrassing moments. You can buy whatever products you require online without worrying about the public/society, which you may find difficult buying in shops.

16. 24x7x365 Availability

24x7x365 Availability
24x7x365 availability

Shops and shopping malls/centers are open for a limited time period. So you have to make a purchase within that period, and if the shop closes, you are out of luck for getting the goods.
Whereas, there is no such time frame for purchasing goods online. The websites run 24x7x365, and you can make a purchase at whatever time as per your ease. You can order a product even at late midnight or early morning before going to the office. It is another benefit of online shopping.
Ultimately it gives you complete freedom from your busy life schedule for purchasing goods.

17. Comprehensive Specifications

In online shops, you get a dedicated section where you can find product-related detailed specifications, including size, weight, dimensions, year of product released, power consumption, Materials, included components/accessories, and so on, depending on the type of product.
Whereas in an offline shop you won’t get in detailed specifications in one place.

18. Filter and Sort options

This is another benefit of online shopping, that is not possible while shopping offline.
Within a few clicks, you can filter out the pricing, product size, color, brands, product design, materials, discounts, ratings, etc. Which is simply not possible while doing shopping in stores/malls.
By using this, you can filter out products as per your choice quickly and purchase without going through all the hassles.

19. Varieties / Wide Range of Products

E-Commerce websites have Billions of products on sale from worldwide marketplaces. Some of them are even available online exclusive.
There are almost all or even more products available in the online market access to all categories, especially in clothes, home decoration, electronics, etc.
Overall, the number of products, brands, varieties are unlimited and incomparable to offline stores.

20. All brands under a single roof

Many of the offline restain shops or stores in shopping malls are of a particular brand. For example, Peter England has their own store, Levi’s has their own store, so once you enter the store, you have the option of only a single brand and minimal types, designs of products which gives you a limited choice.
Whereas in online stores, all the brands are available with all their products, so you can simply browse through all the brands, compare the product design, compare the pricing and then make a purchase without any limitation of brands.
Ultimately all the brands are available in a single place, so you don’t have to hunt at various stores.

21. Always updated with the latest trends

Whenever there’s a new product or design launch, it takes time to arrive in stores at different regional parts. You may not find the modern trends available in nearby stores for days or even a few weeks. But all these latest trends are instantly available on online websites ready to order immediately.

22. Groceries are also available now


One of the significant drawbacks of online stores was that grocery items were not available, and you have to purchase these in stores only.
However, all the E-commerce giants have started changing this and making all types of groceries available to buy that too with faster delivery, so you don’t have to worry about vegetables getting stale.
As of now, this is limited to major cities only, but soon this will be taking effect all over the regional areas.

23. International Shopping & Shipping

As mentioned in starting Alibaba/AliExpress sales ($38.4B) in a single day was more than half of what Amazon sales were in the entire quarter. That’s due to the power of international shoppers and international shipping.
International shipping is more advanced and faster now, thanks to various fast-track courier services. Also, big international e-Commerce websites such as,, offer products to be shipped all the countries around the world. This is also one of the considerable benefits of online shopping.

The fantastic part about this is, if particular goods/products are not available in your country/ region, you can order them via these sites and get it delivered to your home. Such as if a new electronic gadget is launched in China and that is/will not be available in your country, you can still order it. 😎

24. Easy Online Gifting


It was never this easy sending gift to your friends, family, or relatives a decade ago. But now it does not matter how far your friends or relatives stay, You can simply place an order at their address, and the gift will be delivered to them. There’s even an option for gift wrap before placing an order, so you can gift wrap and put your name on the sticker. How cool is that?
So, do surprise long-distance relatives and friends by sending gifts. 😉

25. The convenience of Exchange and Returns

In both online and offline markets, you have the option of return and product exchange. However, the convenience of exchanging or returning goods is much higher in the online market. For example, if you buy clothes and due to any reason you want to return it or exchange it, you have to again go to the shop and bargain with the shopkeeper for getting it returned or exchanged. That’s is not the case in online stores; you can simply ask for a return or exchange the product with few clicks, and the courier person will come to your doorstep of returning or exchanging the product. That solves all the hassle.

Especially for clothes, there’s an option for trying the clothes and if not suitable for you you can return them or if the size is not perfect and require a smaller or bigger side you can ask for an exchange of that size.
The refund policy is also simple once the product is returned, and you will be getting full money refunded to your account.

26. Faster Deliveries

The deliveries are now getting much faster, like same-day delivery or next day delivery, even certain grocery items are delivered within a few hours. All this is due to their regional warehouse strategies, fragmentation of products available at regional warehouses, ready for delivery. This is also one of the substantial benefits of online shopping.
So, even if the product is not available in your regional area, you can order them online and get it delivered faster, thanks to E-Commerce’s own fast delivery services.

Another beautiful part about online deliveries is you can set up the delivery timeframe for your product getting delivered. Such as if you are buying an AC, you can schedule a timing when the delivery should be carried, so that you will be available at the time of delivery for receiving.

27. No Size Limitation

Size is no more limitation for online stores, and everything at any size products are available to buy.
You can buy all the products online, whether it is a big TV unit, furniture or large appliances which is not easy to take to your home from offline stores. Still, if you get them from online stores, you can get them delivered no matter what is the size of the product, that too, without any extra charges.

28. Authenticity of Brands

The main variation between online and traditional/offline shopping is authenticity. Regional stores are filled with low-quality local brands and even sell duplicate products by using the official brand name. Whereas, in online, there are no duplicate products on big E-Commerce sites. Only authentic brands/retailers have their own store and genuine products listed on-site for Purchase. So, this is another benefit of online shopping, you will receive only genuine products in the online market.

29. Discounts Offer on Bank cards + Shopping Points

Online stores have various discounts; instant cashback flat 10-20% off offers running on multiple bank cards. Each bank tries to offer seasonal discounts on their bank debit and credit card, which is very useful if you have that particular bank debit/credit card. Such options are not available at local shops.
Also, many E-commerce sites offer shopping points after every purchase, which you can collect and redeem to buy the products. Such as Amazon offers its Amazon Pay, which gives you cashback offers and reward points.

30. Real User Reviews

No doubt that in local shops, retail stores, you can touch the product and verify the product design/quality personally, which is not possible online. But online it has a much more significant advantage then this, that is the real user reviews.
Most of the products have their start ratings and user-written reviews and even real-life videos about the product, which you can check out and then decide the Purchase. User posts their real-life experience regarding the product after a few days, weeks, or even months, which gives you more clarity on the quality and durability of the product. You can also read product-related reviews on many of the review websites/blogs.
All this is simply not available/possible in local shops.

31. Online Shopping is Safe

In general, online shopping is completely safe as long as you are buying from legitimate online stores or sellers with good reviews. All the payment methods, service, product quality, and return/exchange is absolutely safe.

TIP: If you are worried about online payment methods, you can simply go for cash on delivery option to avoid any bank frauds/transaction charges and for your peace of mind.

32. Always running offers/Sale days

Offline stores have very few discount/offer days, but in online stores, you will always find various discounts, sale days which you can utilize to get the product at lower prices. Such as multiple festivals have their own sale days alongside it, there are black Fridays, summer sales, Cyber Monday, big billion days, republic day sales, and so on.
Ultimately, the competition between this E-commerce is good for end consumers to get products at lower prices.

Low Price Discounts
Low Price Discounts

33. Low Prices

This could be one of the biggest reasons why people shop online. Online stores mostly have low prices on every product compared to local retail stores.
The reason for it is there is no middle man, suppliers’ margins involved. Brands sell their product directly on E-commerce websites, and it’s then delivered to end consumers. That cuts down all the margins and extra costs, which eventually help to keep the product prices low on E-retailers.

34. Easy Purchase + Flexible Payment Options

Purchasing any product online is hassle-free and can be done within few minutes. Simply search the product, add to cart, and checkout. That’s it!
The interface is very user-friendly and easy to understand, along with simple category listing, various filter options (price, color, discounts, size), various sorting options (highest-rated, most purchased, new arrivals, Bestsellers). All this helps a consumer easy to navigate through and make a purchase.

There are numerous payment options available to choose from according to your liking. E-retailers accept all debits cards, credit cards, Net-Banking options, UPI payment options, cash on delivery, and so on.
Another great benefits of online shopping are about debit/credit card EMI options are on all the bank’s the EMI option is available so you can easily check and select whatever EMI option is suitable for you.

35. Be a Smart Buyer and have Amazing Experience

Last but not least is not mainly a reason, but, overall by doing online shopping, you are making a smart purchase with saving money, comparing products, comparing prices, checking user reviews, saving time, and having more control over what you are purchasing.
Overall this makes you a smart buyer, and no doubt, the benefits of online shopping and experience are unparalleled.

This was the list of 35 genuine reasons and benefits of online shopping. What are your thoughts on all this?

Do you have any more reasons for adding up in this list of benefits of online shopping? Do let me know in the comments down below.

Also, if you have your own thoughts/suggestions regarding this, let us hear those.

I hope this will help you during online shopping of products

Happy online shopping!!!

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